7 Ways to Have the Best Tailgate at the Game ...


7 Ways to Have the Best Tailgate at the Game ...
7 Ways to Have the Best Tailgate at the Game ...

With the NFL and college football starting in full swing, you might be interested to know the ways to have the best tailgate at the game. Tailgating is the best way to celebrate football season. Getting together with your closest friends for some delicious food, great drinks, and cheering on your team; what could be better? If you really want your tailgate to stand out from the crowd, here are some ways to have the best tailgate at the game.

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Go Big or Go Home

Go Big or Go Home Of all of the ways to have the best tailgate, this one is the most important. Go big or go home. Why hold back? Tailgates are meant to celebrate your undying love to whatever football team your cheer for religiously. Don’t half plan your tailgate and be left with little food or drinks. Go all out and be the best tailgate in football history. There is no such thing as doing too much at a tailgate.


Decorations Matter

Decorations Matter Don’t just leave it to food and drinks to make your tailgate; decorations are just as important. You can get plates, cups, and even a tent in your team’s colors, or you can keep everything simple with just regular football decorations. Get a fun tablecloth, decorative napkins, and some awesome chairs to make your tailgate stand out from the crowd. It also makes your tailgate ten times easier to find in a huge parking lot.


The Right Playlist

The Right Playlist What better way to get pumped up for the game than bumping the perfect playlist? From country to techno, the right music can have the right effect to get you ready to cheer on your team. Add your favorite upbeat songs to a special game day playlist and get your groove on with one of the easiest ways to have the best tailgate.


Variety of Food

Variety of Food Every tailgate has burgers, hot dogs, and chips. Spice things up with a variety of unique food. Make something that has never been seen before at a tailgate, like a yummy taco dip or a unique twist on potato salad. You can even go an extra step and make it a competition between your friends to see who can bring the most unique food to the tailgate. Bonus points if you make food in your team’s colors.


More than Beer

More than Beer After a while, chugging and shot gunning beer can get old. Make your tailgate stand out by offering a variety of fun drinks. If you are going to a morning game, try offering a mimosa or a sangria bar where your guests can make their own yummy drinks. Or really support your team with some jello shots in their team colors. Your guests will be sure to enjoy themselves with some fun and unique drinks.


Make Friends with Your Neighbors

Make Friends with Your Neighbors After all of the tailgates I have been to, I have learned that making friends with your neighbors can be one of the best ways to have the best tailgate at the game. It instantly doubles the size of your tailgate. You have double the food, double the drinks, and double the team spirit. You can create a corn hole competition between the two tailgates or start cheers that can be heard from the other side of the stadium.


Prepare the Night before

Prepare the Night before No one wants to be scrambling to get everything together the morning of a tailgate. Plan ahead the night before to make your day go as smoothly as possible. Make a list of everything you will need from food, to decorations, to utensils. If you have your car packed up, food put away, and cooler filled the night before, you can wake up with ease and focus on all of the fun you are going to have at your tailgate.

Tailgates can be kind of stressful to plan, but with these tips, you are bound to have a perfectly executed event. As long as you are with good friends and are excited for the game, you are going to have an amazing tailgate. What did you think of these ways to have the best tailgate? What are some other ways to have a great tailgate? What is your favorite part of tailgating?

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