7 Incredible Ways to Be an Awesome Aunt ...

The moment I saw this precious little pink bundle in my brother’s arms, I knew I needed to find some ways to be an awesome aunt. As I gazed at her in amazement, I wondered what exactly does it take to be an incredible aunt rather than a mediocre one. So as I embrace my new role as an aunt, I wanted to share with you 7 ways to be an awesome aunt that I discovered.

1. Be Involved in Her Life

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One of the most important ways to be an awesome aunt is to be involved in her life. Make time to hang out with her so you have Auntie-Niece bonding time. If she’s new to the world like my neice, this means get to know her as she learns how to master life outside of the womb. At this point, she may do nothing else but grasp my thumb with her tiny hand as I feed her, but it's these kind of moments that create the foundation of an awesome aunt.

2. Have Sleepovers

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If your niece is out of the diaper stage and a bit older, invite her over for sleepovers. These fun nights are the perfect time to do mani-pedis on each other and lounge around in comfy pajamas. Let her raid your makeup and let her apply some on you. Chances are she will surprise you with her artistic skills such as using your eyeliner to make cat whiskers on your face.

3. Spoil Her

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I think being an aunt means that you get a licence to spoil her. Let her parents worry about teaching her the value of a dollar and how to save for a rainy day. Your job is to spoil her so she feels loved and adored. For example, I definitely have plans on getting my little niece the new pony that every little girl dreams of.

4. Take Trips with Her

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Another way to be an awesome aunt is to take her to trips to various places like the zoo, amusement park, aquarium or museum. Choose the places that interest her. Have loads of fun with her and buy her souvenirs of each place. On these trips, tell her funny stories about her aunts and uncles.

5. Play with Her

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Playing is a vital part of being a kid so if you want into her world, then you need to play with her. This calls for acting out scenarios with her dolls, building forts or dressing up like a princess. When you give her a new toy, hang out with her and play with it. It doesn't matter how many aunts she has, she will always prefer the one that likes to play with her.

6. Bring the Sweet Stuff

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At random times during the week, drop off some sweet stuff. An awesome aunt knows the importance of sweet goodies like cupcakes, candy and ice cream. She will definitely be looking forward to your visit when you bring over a bit of sweet stuff for her to enjoy. Most girls of any age like getting goodies, so this one works regardless of how old your niece is.

7. Think of Yourself as an Awesome Mom-Replacement

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As a mom-replacement, you are the cool older female that protects her and is there for her whenever she needs you. You are the one she should call when her parents are being too strict or uncool. Share advice about boys when guys make her crazy. In essence, be her best friend as she tries to navigate through life.

These are just some ideas that will help you emotionally bond with the special little girl in your life. I’m sure there are a million more because I know there are many awesome aunts out there. Can you share other ways to be an awesome aunt?

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