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18 Fun Things You Can do in the UK when You Turn 18 ...

By Neecey

Turning 18 is a big thing in the UK. Even though there are things you can do at 16 and 17, at 18 you are recognized as a legal adult. So you plan the party and celebrate with all your mates and have a great time. And when that’s over you can get on with your responsible (or not so responsible) adult life. Here are the fun (and not so fun) things you can do in the UK once you hit the age of 18:

1 Make Your Voice Heard by Voting

person, facial expression, skin, emotion, lip, Finally! You don’t have to sit by whilst the adults make the decisions, once you turn 18 you are free to cast your own vote and get involved with shaping the direction of your country.

2 Or Even Better, Get Involved Yourself!

person, profession, speech, EQUAL, MEANS, Anybody who turns 18 can choose to stand for election as an MP, so if politics is your passion then this birthday will be the best one you have had to date!

3 Take on the Responsibility of Jury Duty

person, profession, ritual, don't, really, If courtroom dramas are your guilty pleasure, then you will be happy to hear that once you turn 18 you are eligible to be called up for jury duty. It could be a fraud case or it could be a juicy murder trial!

4 Marry Your Boo without Parental Permission

blond, singing, model, Will, you, Now that you are a fully-fledged British adult, you are free to marry your partner without having to get consent from a parent. So what if they don’t like your choice? You’re 18 and you’re getting hitched!

5 See Your Original Birth Certificate

You're, not, gonna, rem, adopted,, Turning 18 can be a big day for adopted children who can finally have permission to see their original birth certificate. It can bring closure to some or start a new chapter.

6 Carry an Organ Donor Card. What a Hero!

person, facial expression, hairstyle, smile, emotion, Once you turn 18 you are eligible to apply for and carry on your person an organ donor card, so if you should ever have an accident, you can help to save the lives of many others.

7 Get down to Your Local Pub!

person, profession, This is the one that everybody thinks about. Turning 18 means you can stroll in to your local pub and not have to sweat at the bar as you order! Oh, you want to see my ID? No problem sir, here you go!

8 Buy Fireworks at the Store

sparkler, WVy, Now you don’t have to sit through your parent’s lame displays at the holidays. You can go to the store and buy the biggest, best, and loudest fireworks at the counter!

9 See the Strongest Rated Movies at the Cinema

person, black and white, contact sport, combat sport, boxing, The sky is now officially the limit when it comes to cinema trips. You no longer have to settles for 15s and 12As. Welcome to the world of the 18!

10 Visit a Casino and Pretend You’re in Vegas

limousine, music venue, passenger, nightclub, disco, Once you are 18, you are allowed to enter a casino in the UK and try your hand at the array of games and machines on offer. It doesn’t mean you will become rich, though!

11 Change Your Body Forever with a Tattoo

tattoo, arthropod, art, tattoo artist, invertebrate, The big 1-8 means that you are now trusted to make the decision of which ink you want on your body for the rest of your life!

12 Get Pierced without Parent’s Permission

black, white, black and white, emotion, hand, A lot of places require parental permission between 16 and 18, but once you are past the milestone, you are free to get whatever body part pierced you like!

13 Ride a Big Boy Motorcycle

vehicle, motorcycle racing, racing, human action, motorcycle, You are now eligible to ride a motorcycle with an engine above 125cc. Hit the road, Jack(ie)!

14 Open a Proper Bank Account

person, human action, human positions, physical fitness, bank, It is around this time that bank of mum and dad starts to run dry, so thank god you can open up your own bank account and start saving!

15 Make Some Extra Cash at a Pawn Shop

City, person, hair, facial expression, emotion, 18 year olds are free to get rid of their unwanted goods for some extra cash at any pawn shop in the country.

16 Consent to Participate in a Medical Study

person, woman, blond, profession, cash, If you want to make some extra cash and contribute to science, you can consent to taking part in a medical study.

17 Be Tried in a Magistrate’s Court

person, official, profession, JUDGE, RUDY, It’s not all good news! If you commit a crime, you will no longer be tried as a minor, meaning there will be hefty consequences!

18 Rent Some Saucy Movies!

person, woman, blond, emotion, singing, It is the aged right of any 18-year old to be eligible to let their freak flag fly and rent any pornographic movie that they wish! Enjoy!

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