How to Make Your Birthday Memorable ...


How to Make Your Birthday Memorable ...
How to Make Your Birthday Memorable ...

There are so many amazing things you can do to make your birthday memorable that you might not know where to start!

Keep reading for a few ideas on how you can celebrate and make it one birthday to remember in the years to come.

When's your birthday and what do you love to do on your special day of the year?

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See Your Friends

meal, PIN, What better way to make your birthday memorable than to see all your closest friends? Even if you're not able to do something with them on your actual birthday, you should plan to do something on the next free weekend so no one misses out on all the fun celebrations!


Spend Time with Family

person, Hanging out with family is another great thing to do on your birthday as they always know how to make is super special. Let them spoil you with all the presents you wanted and maybe even a delicious chocolate cake for afterwards! You can always plan to spend one day with your family and the next with your closest friends.


Do Something Spontaneous

person, vacation, human action, physical exercise, sports, Doing something super spontaneous is a great way to always remember your birthday. Think of something crazy and exciting (maybe even out of your comfort zone) and just let loose. Trust me, you will remember doing something a bit different in the years to come!


Go out for Dinner

alcohol, film, singing, Why not go out for dinner at your favourite restaurant? Order your favourite meal along with a big glass of wine! Dining out at one of your favourite food places is always a great way to make your birthday memorable and super special.


Treat Yourself

hair, Tre, Self, llalli, 1ll, Treat yourself by taking the day off work (you might need to throw a sickie if your boss is unlikely to see your birthday as a work-free day) and fill the day doing all the things you love! Put everything else out of your mind for the day, remember that it can wait and right now you need to have some fun!


Get Dressed up

clothing, hair, human positions, hairstyle, sitting, Even if you don't normally get dressed up, your birthday is a great excuse to wear that new dress that's been hanging up in your wardrobe or spritzing that new perfume still in it's box! Get yourself looking super glamourous and amazing as you set out for a fun night ahead.


Throw a Party

nightclub, music venue, magenta, disco, If you want to do down the traditional route, why not throw a fabulous party at your house to celebrate? Invite all your closest friends and family round to say happy birthday and have a good time. The more fun you have at this party, the more it will be super memorable!

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These all r good ideas

I like them ALL! Celebrating with a birthday month! Why not ?

These are all really good ideas

Good ideas ♡. birthday is Friday... Don't love my birthday.

All these ideas make a birthday memorable if it celebrates with interesting themes like dark in the glow, Minecraft, Shopkins, dance party and many more.

Stuck with family for now, friends later

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