9 Important Things to do in the New Year ...


9 Important Things to do in the New Year ...
9 Important Things to do in the New Year ...

There are several things to do in the New Year to get yourself on track for a great year! Especially since it's right after the holidays, January is a great time to reset, refresh and kick start your next couple of months. Soon after you ring it in, prioritize what you need to do, make a list and check it off as you go! Read on for things to do in the New Year!

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Money Check

One of the most important things to do in the New Year is take a look at your budget, or create a budget. Especially after all of the holidays and visiting with friends, you'll feel better knowing that you've taken a look at the "damage," and are aware of what you need to do for the next couple of weeks. Re-evaluate your budget for the year as well, and get on track to a great year! Have a trip you'd love to finally make happen? Set up a savings plan!


Credit Check

It's important to check your credit history every couple of months, and the New Year is a great time to start! Get your credit report online or via phone. Check with your bank if you have any questions. Then, remember to check every New Year! You'll start the year knowing you're in the clear!


Closet Check

It doesn't have be a huge spring cleaning, but going through your closet is a great way to kick off a New Year! See what you've most wanted to wear in the last month of parties, dinners and get-togethers, and try to assess what may have become potential giveaways. It's also a great time to start thinking about if you'll need to store your sweaters and winter clothes elsewhere once summer comes, and how you'll get this done!


Document Check

Do you have a lot of photos and important documents on your computer? Now is the time to back them up and clean up your desktop and folders. Store what you need and get rid of the rest. Your computer - and your working mindset - will thank you! And, you won't ever lose anything important.


School Check

If you're in school, you probably haven't spent winter break shuffling through old papers and prepping for the next semester. Now is the time to clean out your book bag and binder, reflect and prep for the next semester! Think about what you'll need to do even better this time around. If you're not in school, take a look at your workspace or desk, and give it a quick refresh for the New Year!


Food Check

You may not feel like you've been eating the best the last few weeks! So, if you want to start fresh in the New Year, do a quick pantry and refrigerator check. Re-organize and put like items together. When you're next cooking, you'll know exactly where something is. Also, think about what you want to eat and cook in the next year, and make sure you have the tools for it! Realize over the holidays that you don't have a potato masher and love mashed potatoes? Get one!



When is the last time you got your car (or bike) checked out? If you know your car needs an oil change, get it done in the first few weeks of the year! Making sure everything is okay and running smoothly will help put the other things on your list - like your resolutions - on top! If you don't drive a car, prep your bike or get your public transit card.


Med Check

When is the last time you went to the doctor? Schedule all of your appointments in January, and then make sure you go! If you don't go to the doctor for your annual until your birthday, then just make sure the appointment is scheduled. You'll feel great knowing everything is set and you're on your way to great health. Taking care of yourself is always number one!



It's always important to reflect every so often, and the New Year is a great time to do so! We usually do this to form our resolutions. Think about your past year, what you did, what you most enjoyed, and what you want to do more of. Realize what's holding you back or what you need to do less of to make those goals happen! Any toxic friends or relationships you need to let go of? Now is the time!

There are many important things to do in the New Year to get yourself on track to a great start! Give some of these tips a try, and make it your annual routine! What else are you doing in the New Year?

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