15 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Best Friend and Make Her Day ...

Best friends are such a gift in life, and it’s important to find ways to surprise your best friend every now and then to remind them how special they are. It’s so easy to take people we care about for granted, but nothing makes you feel more alive and joyful than experiencing true happiness with a friend or loved one. Be sure you take time to let those you love know how much you appreciate them. One way to do that is to do small things occasionally to surprise them and brighten their day. Check out some of my favorite ways to surprise your best friend and let me know if you have any ideas yourself!

1. Send Snail Mail

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Snail mail is one of the best ways to surprise your best friend of all. Most of us aren’t used to getting things snail mail anymore since the postal service is terribly slow compared to high speed Internet and texting options, but reconsider snail mail as a fun way to show your best friend she’s extra special. You remember how great it felt to get surprise mail when you were a kid? Give your best friend that same treat and send her a card, letter or small package. You’ll brighten her day and give her a reason to look forward to checking her mail more often!

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