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7 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday ...

By Brittany

There are so many ways to celebrate your birthday - make sure you change it up! Parties are great, but there are many other things you can do to make sure your day is memorable and commemorative of your past year. No matter what kind of year you've had or what kind of birthday you're looking for, read on for the awesome ways to celebrate your birthday - and make it your best yet!

1 Dinner

One of the age-old ways to celebrate your birthday is with dinner...dinner with a friend, dinner with family or dinner with your other half! If you feel like a nice dinner this year, try something new! Try a new restaurant, or have separate dinners with each party. You'll see trying Indian if you always have Mexican will make it more special...and more memorable!

2 Vacation

If you're really ready to have a good birthday and have funds available, plan a trip! Check out your local deal sites for special excursion packages, or take that volunteer trip you've been dying to plan. Taking a trip will not only commemorate the birthday, but will give you a great reason to come home reflected, centered and ready for a new year of age!


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3 Daytrip

If a trip is a bit of a stretch for you, plan a quick daytrip. Check out a local museum or new hotspot you've been dying to see. Plan ahead, and you can also squeeze in lunch or dinner. Daytrips are fantastic getaways to make you feel like you've had time away...and they're most definitely the most freeing - in a way - of all vacations! No stress about packing or forgetting something! Just drive off!

4 Day off

If you've had a super rough or busy year, just a simple day off may be your way to relaxing on your birthday. Tell everybody you're taking the day to yourself: to rejuvenate, reflect and enjoy your time. Answer birthday calls (or don't answer!) and just bask away in the quiet and calm of your birthday.

5 Pamper

Just like taking a day off, maybe you want to take the day to pamper yourself. Visit your favorite spa or take a long relaxing hike to the best yoga spot in town. Convince a best friend, your mom or your man to take some time away with you if you want company. You'll end your birthday feeling super refreshed - and ready for the year ahead!

6 Adventure

So you want a fun birthday to remember? Plan an adventure! Do something thrilling, like skydiving or scuba diving - or drive off to a new place and explore! If planning for adventure, make sure you schedule in anything else you may want to do on your birthday, because you never know where the day will take you!

7 Same Old

If you really don't want to remember your birthday, it's okay to have a normal day. Get up, go to work, spend your day enjoying all the birthday wishes and extra smiles. Sometimes, you just don't feel like putting in effort to plan something special...especially if your birthday happens to fall around a super busy time. Remember that you have next year and that, really, every single day is special!

So have your cake and eat it, too! Celebrate your birthday and enjoy. How do you like to celebrate? Do tell!

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