7 Fun Things to do if You're Snowed in ...


Here are a few fun things to do if you’re snowed in! Of course sleeping could be an option, but what’s the fun in that?! Having fun things to do if you’re snowed in will help the time go by faster and will keep you entertained.

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Snuggle on the Sofa and Watch Movies

Clearly snuggling on the sofa and watching movies is one of the most fun things to do if you’re snowed in! It’s also the most convenient, especially if you’ve been working hard and just need to take the snow day as an opportunity to relax. My favorite thing to do during a snow day is lighting a candle, whipping out all of my junk food, and watching The Big Bang Theory or replaying Sherlock Holmes II or Iron Man.


Play Board Games

When was the last time you played a board game? Being snowed in is the perfect opportunity to have some good old-fashioned fun playing a game that isn’t on your phone! My personal favorites are the Game of Life and Monopoly. Playing board games not only stimulates your brain but also provides a chance to bond with the people in your dorm/suite/house/condo. This is also a great way for you to finally meet your neighbors – friendly competition and new friendships are always a great thing!


Make Something from Pinterest

How many times have you seen something on Pinterest and thought it would be a good idea to try/recreate the picture, but then you never actually followed through? Pinterest is a great tool that assists in finding snack and dinner recipes, hair and makeup styles, as well as many DIY related topics to try. A snow day is the perfect time to go through the homepage, find a few projects that interest you, and recreate them all!


Reenact Old Photos

Maybe some of you have seen these photos in a section in your high school yearbook. You know, the ones where people go through old photos of when they were kids, and then reenact the photo with the same group of people doing the exact same thing but as adults. Since it could be very difficult rallying up the kids of a picture taken in the playground in ‘92, reenact the picture with some of the people who are snowed in with you. It can be an interesting and fun activity for all of you!


Make Dinner an Event

Almost all of us would rather get home from class or work, get comfy in sweats, and eat dinner out of a leftover Chinese container. But on a snow day make dinner the biggest deal since sliced bread. Dress up with whomever it is that you’re snowed in with and prepare a feast. Go crazy with the recipes (who knows, half the recipes you choose can be from Pinterest!) To make the event really fun, pick a theme for your dinner and decorate the table like you’re about to sit for Thanksgiving dinner. This activity will entertain all of you for a long while and is affordable and fun, too!


Practice Magic Tricks

It’s never a bad thing to have magical powers as a hidden talent, is it? Since you’re snowed in and don’t really have anywhere else to be, Youtube some magic tricks and take some time to learn them. One of my co-workers taught me a card trick the other night and it not only amused and wowed me, but it also amused and wowed everyone in the room! I’m not going to lie it felt pretty awesome knowing the secret to a card trick! (#nerdstatus)


Do Arts and Crafts

Pinterest can again be the best go-to tool that is packed with arts and crafts ideas to try for yourself. Working on an arts and crafts project can be a great stress-reliever as well as be a great way to bond with others.

No matter which one of these activities you choose, you will be happy to be snowed in! How will you spend your snow day?

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