7 Perfect Things to do for a Girls Day out ...


7 Perfect Things to do for a Girls Day out ...
7 Perfect Things to do for a Girls Day out ...

What comes to mind when you think “girls day out?” Sure, the usual lunch, or shopping day is always a great plan but, when I want to plan a girls day out, I want to do something way more fun and interesting. So grab your girlfriends, and start planning your next girls day out. Here are seven different ideas to give you a little inspiration! Enjoy!

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Make It a Group Event

Groupon always has a ton of awesome group deals to help make your girls day out exciting AND affordable! Check out kayaking deals, or wine tasting deals (for those of you who are old enough). Or perhaps, if you want to stick to the usual lunch date, try out a different restaurant that is offering Groupon specials.


Participate in a "fun Run"

Events like the Color Run, the Electric Run, Tough Mudder, etc. are great ways to work out and have fun. Get a team going and dress up in costumes, or color coordinate for fun runs like these. I have always wanted to sign up for one of these. Definitely going to give this one a try in the future.


Explore Your Mystical Side

I might be too freaked out to try this one, but it sounds pretty interesting! Visit a psychic or medium in your area and have your fortunes read. Some people don’t believe in that kind of stuff, but those who have always been at least a little curious should give this one a try!


Have a “Never Have I Ever” Day

No I don’t mean that silly game of asking questions with your friends to see who has done the most crazy things in their lives. I mean spend the day taking turns doing little things that none of you have ever done. For example, if you have never had Thai food, go try it! If any of you have ever seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Only this time, you’ll be doing it with your girlfriends, not your crush!


Go Horseback Riding

How awesome would this be? Perhaps you might want to stray away from this one if you and your girlfriends are not the most coordinated girls in the world. Falling off a horse is no fun! But if you are still feeling adventurous, give this one a try! It would also be fun to pack a picnic basket too!


Take a Drive up the Coast

Sooo this one might be a little restricted to those close to a coast, but it is still a fun idea nonetheless! It’s like a mini road trip. Hit a bunch of known hotspots along the way. Don’t forget to document the day too! Make sure there is plenty of space in your camera for this date.


Make It a "dare Day"

Literally. Take turns daring each other to do things you know your friend would probably never do. Now don’t go too crazy, like daring your bestie to get a silly tattoo or wacky haircut. But maybe dare her to say hi to the cute guy sitting across from you guys at lunch. Or dare her to get a temporary streak of color in her hair. You can have all kinds of fun with this one, just make sure you all understand the boundaries.

Well that does it for my list of fun activities to try for your next girls day or night out. What are some other ideas? Which one of these would you be willing to try? I’d love to from you!

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