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7 Ways to Party without Alcohol ...

By Michelle

You can’t drink at the party tonight and you now are trying to think of ways to party without alcohol. It can be a bummer to be the designated driver, or to try and have a social life with your friends who pound beers every weekend. However, you are in luck! I have thought of a couple different ways to party without alcohol so you can get through any party.

1 Dance!

One of the best ways to party without alcohol is to dance! Everyone is probably wasted anyway so they obviously won’t care if you are a good dancer or not. Dance with all of the drunk people, especially that hot guy in the corner. Don’t worry, he won’t remember your "sprinkler" move in the morning.

2 Act like You Are Drunk

This can actually be extremely entertaining. You get to act like an idiot and just watch how everyone acts ridiculous with you. I know I have friends that say the strangest and do the oddest things when they are intoxicated. Also, since you are sober, you will remember everything that happened and you can make fun of your friends the next day.

3 Concentrate on Making New Friends

Since you are sober, you won’t have to worry about slurring your speech or making a fool of yourself when trying to meet new people. This can also be a good way to get numbers from cute guys because they are more cooperative when intoxicated. Plus you are super sexy and beautiful anyway, why wouldn’t they want to give you their number?

4 Play Beer Pong with Someone Who Has a High Tolerance

Just because you’re not drinking does not mean that you can’t play games with alcohol involved. Play beer pong with a partner that likes to drink a lot, and whenever the other team gets a cup in on your side, your partner can drink everything. You’d actually be surprised at how many people are willing to drink all of the beer.

5 Bring a Sober Friend

If you don’t want to be the only sober one at the party, bring a sober friend. You can both pretend that you are wasted while dancing and making new friends while playing beer pong. You can also both be sure that everyone gets home safely.

6 Win Every Poker Game

Drunken words are sober thoughts. This is the same for body language. When playing poker, the goal is to keep a straight face. However, when someone is intoxicated that poker face goes out the window. If you’re the only sober one, you’ll be able to tell who is lying and you’ll win some money to take home with you.

7 Be the Bartender!

Make the drinks for everyone at the party! Some people actually like making the drinks for people. You are the person who controls how intoxicated people get. Don’t know how to make drinks? Make something up, call it jungle juice and give it to everyone at the party. Then let people tell you how great it is.

It can be hard figuring out what to do at a party if you have to be sober the whole night. Maybe you’re the designated driver, or maybe you’re just not that into drinking. Either way, I hope that these tips help you so you don’t have to be the lame sober girl sitting in the corner waiting to go home. What are some other ways you can party without drinking?

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