7 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day if You're under 21 ...


7 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day if You're under 21 ...
7 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day if You're under 21 ...

The luck of the Irish goes to you if you can figure out ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when you’re under 21. No matter what nationality you are, this holiday is one where most people come together and drink. You’ve heard the saying, “We’re all Irish on St. Patty’s Day!” Well for my fellow ‘Irishmen’ who are under 21, here are some ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without a pint of Guinness.

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Your St. Patrick’s Day party doesn’t have to revolve around beer. Or drinking. In fact, you could decorate with green, maybe pictures of leprechauns and throw a party full of friends for a night of fun and laughter. Whatever you do, make it festive! With Irish music and plenty of dancing, you may have found one way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without a drink in hand.



Not everyone likes to go out on St. Patrick’s Day because of the heightened risk of drunk drivers. If you want to stay in and still celebrate the season, then get together with friends or family early and watch a marathon of Irish classic movies. It could be funny or stereotypical, maybe a heart-wrenching story? Watch what you want and you’ll be in the St. Patrick’s Day mood.


Pot of Gold

Surprise your friends by giving them their own pots of gold. Well, fake gold that is! Fill it with candy and shamrocks and anything green you can find. Maybe a Mardi-Gras style beaded necklace? It’s a cute and thoughtful way to make your friends and family smile this St. Patrick’s Day. You could even do it as a pollyanna of sorts with a large group of friends so that everyone gets something special.



Leprechauns have quite the reputation for being mischievous little creatures. If you’re looking for something to do, why not pull a prank on a friend? I was reading online about creative examples, like filling someone’s backpack with Lucky Charms or dying the milk in the house green with food dye. Brainstorm a trick that you can pull. I promise you no one will be expecting it!



Be on the look-out for St. Patrick’s Day parades in your community. I Irish danced for 13 years and can remember dancing in the holiday parade each year. Why not go out and watch some dancers or hear bagpipes? It’s the perfect time to do it!


Irish Food

What better day to eat authentic Irish food than on St. Patrick’s Day? Irish pubs will have a long wait, so if you don’t feel like waiting around then make something at home. The benefit of going to an Irish pub is that you can just order your food rather than trying to make Shepherd’s Pie if you’re not that good of a cook. If you decide to cook some Irish food then make enough to share with friends and family.


Wear Green

No matter what you decide to do on St. Patrick’s Day, the least you could do is wear green or some festive shirt. Maybe it has an inappropriate phrase in Gaelic on it? Who cares! Dressing in green helps get you in the holiday spirit and celebrate the day.

Alright, St. Patrick’s Day is surrounded by drinking, it’s true. But I hope these sober-holiday ideas sparked your interest and inspired you to do something fun this year. What are your plans this St. Patrick’s Day?

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best time of the year ever!! good advice :)

***Drink anyway

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