7 Creative Slumber Party Ideas That Will Put Girly Movies to Shame ...

By Renee

7 Creative Slumber Party Ideas That Will Put Girly Movies to Shame ...

When it’s time to get the girls together for a night of dishing and swishing (cocktails that is), it’s time to come up with some creative slumber party ideas. Who says slumber parties are just for the tweeners?!? Not to mention, it’s the safer way to go for the nights when alcohol is involved. Follow these creative slumber party ideas, and be ready to make memories for years to come!

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1 Invite Julia Child

Invite Julia Child Let’s be honest. There are those friends who love to cook with varying results and those who love to eat. And there are those who should eat! Why not consider a night filled with food as one of your creative slumber party ideas? No scales or calorie-counting allowed. Learn from each other, eat each other’s food, and commune over the batter bowl!

2 A Night with the Group Crush

A Night with the Group Crush Is there a crazy crush on a movie star you all share? George? Ryan? Bradley? Whomever it is, bring your Netflix membership or DVDs, and shamelessly ogle the eye candy du jour. Share fantasies, and eat popcorn—with butter. It’s ok. It’s just you and your girlfriends, after all!

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3 Friendly Competition

Friendly Competition Why not set up a few card tables, and learn to play some Vegas games for prizes? Blackjack, poker, craps, you name it. Don’t know how to play? YouTube is a wonderful thing. Watch a few demonstrations and wing it! Pool a little dough, and give the big winner of the night a gift certificate to a favorite coffee shop or bath store, and the big non-winner a prize too. Afterwards, celebrate over some chocolate and a fire (for the loser to burn the cards in, perhaps?)

4 Slumber for Charity

Slumber for Charity Is there an event that could use your talents? Perhaps an upcoming bake sale, some letters to be written and sent, some calls to be made, etc.? Put on the PJs, get out the blender and the drink of choice (alcohol is not a requirement here), and do some serious good while you are seriously having fun!

5 Learn Something New

Learn Something New Do you have a laundry list of things you would like to learn in your life if only no one were watching? Invite your most supportive and nonjudgmental friends, and move it! Your hips, that is, if you’d like to learn Zumba, or your mixing spoon, if you want to make a Baked Alaska, or your pen, if you’d like to start writing your family history, or your nose, if learning aromatherapy is your wish. Just invite one patient and positive expert to come to your house with the understanding that this is a slumber party. No apologies need to be made for ponytails, baggy PJ pants, or uncoordinated moves. That’s what learning is all about. And who better to share the experience with than your girlfriends?

6 Ladies of Luxury

Ladies of Luxury If a night of pampering is what you all need, send out the family, and bring in an off-duty manicurist or two. The more people you invite, the more ways to split their cost! Aim for one manicurist/pedicurist for every 3-4 people. Have everyone bring some little bowls for fingernail dipping, and some shallow buckets or small plastic storage boxes to soak your feet. Put a plastic bag underneath the foot containers for added safety. Have everyone bring their favorite nail colors, with one or two extra colors to share. If you have a fab lotion, bring that along too. The spa specialists will get a kick out of seeing everyone at their relaxed best! Put on some spa mood music, and kick back—this is your night to be taken care of!

7 Road Trip!

Road Trip! Is there a cute B&B in town where you have always dreamt of spending a night? How about a cute town close by filled with antique stores? Is there a regional theatre just down the road? Load up your friends in the minivan, and head out! Ask the local hotel for some rollaway cots, or bring in an air mattress, if allowed. After all, this is about being together, and having a fun experience, not about who gets the bigger room—hopefully you’re all in the same one!

Having a slumber party of your friends is a bonding experience, and can bring you back to what brought you together in the first place! What is your favorite memory of a slumber party?

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