7 Interesting Party Games to Play with Your Friends ...


7 Interesting Party Games to Play with Your Friends ...
7 Interesting Party Games to Play with Your Friends ...

What's a party without some fun games?! Here's guest contributor Sakina Kavi with some fabulous game ideas to make your party memorable, for all the right reasons!

One of the biggest problems with modern day parties is the fact that most of the invitees spend their time texting other friends rather than interacting with the people present at the party. Therefore, it is always a great idea to have a few fun games at your parties to act as an icebreaker and keep your guests entertained throughout. Here are some party games that you would love to include in your parties to keep your guests away from their cell phones, at least for a few hours.

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Wink Murder

I remember playing this game back in my school days, and without a doubt it can still turn out to be a great icebreaker game for your parties. The rules are simple; you make as many chits as many players you have, naming one chit as ‘Murderer,’ and another as ‘Detective,’ while all the rest are ‘Victims.’ Now fold the chits, shuffle them, and let the murder mystery begin! The murderer winks to kill victims, however, he/she cannot kill the detective. After the first two successful murders, the detective has to come up with his verdict of who the killer is. If he guesses right, he wins. If not, the murderer gets away!


Wink Murder is an exciting party game that can be played with any number of people. It is a great icebreaker game that encourages interaction among players. The rules of the game are easy to follow and can be adapted to suit any age group.

To start, each player is given a chit with either ‘Murderer’, ‘Detective’, or ‘Victim’ written on it. The chits are shuffled and the game begins. The Murderer secretly winks at other players to ‘kill’ them. The Detective must identify the Murderer before two successful murders take place. If the Detective guesses correctly, he/she wins the game.

Wink Murder is a fun game to play with friends and family. It encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as social interaction. It is also a great way to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

The game can be adapted for different age groups and settings. For example, younger players may find it easier to guess the Murderer if they are given clues. Additionally, the game can be adapted for larger groups by adding more Murderers and Detectives.


Continuing Novel

This game is likely to end in gales of laughter all across the room. All you need for this fun-filled, interactive game is a writing pad, a pen and a few friends with crazy imaginations. Start off by giving a fun theme to your friends and ask the first person to write a six-line-long story. Now pass on the paper with just the last line showing and ask the next player to continue the story. Finally read out loud the literary mess that your friends have created. I am sure there’s no way you can stop yourself from laughing out loud by the end of it.


Party games are an essential part of any social gathering, and when it comes to having fun with friends, nothing beats a good game of continuing novel. This game is a great way to have a laugh with your friends, and all you need is a writing pad, a pen and a few creative minds. To start, give everyone a theme and ask the first person to write a six-line-long story. Once the first story is complete, pass the paper around with the last line showing and ask the next person to continue the story. At the end of the game, read out the hilarious and often nonsensical stories that your friends have come up with.

Continuing novel is an easy game to play and requires minimal materials, making it the perfect game to play at any party. It’s also a great way to get everyone involved as it encourages creativity and encourages people to think outside the box. Plus, the game is sure to leave everyone in fits of laughter.


Partners in Pen

This game requires a bag full of random objects, a paper, a pen and a bunch of friends. Divide your friends in pairs, asking them to sit back to back. Hand one of the partners a paper and a pen and hand the bag full of random objects to the other partner. Now ask the player with the bag to describe each object without naming it or telling what is it used for while the other partner tries to draw the object. This game usually ends with a bunch of imaginative drawings, and of course a lot of laughs.


This game is a great way to get your friends to interact and have fun. It encourages creativity, as each player has to think of creative ways to describe the objects in the bag without naming them. It is also a great way to get everyone in the party involved, as it can be played with any number of people. Additionally, it helps to foster communication and teamwork, as each pair has to work together to get the desired result. Finally, it is a great way to get everyone laughing, as the drawings that result from the game are often hilarious.


The Frozen Chocolate Race

All you need for this game are two dice, a dice shaker, a knife, a fork, a large bar of chocolate (frozen overnight) and a few interesting apparels e.g. a cloak, a hat or a mask The rules are simple, every player gets a chance to roll the dice, whoever comes up with a double gets a chance to try and eat the very frozen bar of chocolate using only the fork and knife, while of course wearing the funky accessories. Keep going until the chocolate is gone completely. The player who gets the most bites of the chocolate wins!

One reason why I love this game is because it doesn't matter if you lose or win, everyone gets a sweet bite of the chocolate. Well only if you are lucky enough to throw a double, that is!


This quirky twist on a traditional race is a hit with guests of all ages and encourages a burst of laughter and cheer. Strategizing to roll doubles adds an element of suspense while the scramble to don the costume pieces in a hurry keeps the energy high. It's an excellent icebreaker and, of course, a perfect way to indulge in a chocolatey treat. As the frozen chocolate slowly yields to persistent efforts, everyone's competitiveness fades, replaced by collective enjoyment and a shared struggle against the chilly confection.


Bed Sheet Ping Pong

Now this is one fun game that everyone is likely to enjoy. Divide your friends into pairs, make a pair hold one side of the bed sheet, while another pair holds the opposite side, and drop a ping pong in the middle. Both the teams try to move the ping pong ball by lowering or taking the bed sheet higher. The main goal of the game is to make sure the ping pong drops off the bed sheet from the side of your opponent, and hurrah you are the winner!


Who is It?

This is one game that I have already planned to keep as an icebreaker game in the next party that we host at our place. The game is simple. In every round you select one person and blindfold them, while scattering everyone else around the entire room. As soon as the blindfolded player reaches out to a player, they ask «Who is it?» The person being asked the question replies with a funny answer in a made-up voice. In the end the player has to guess the name, and thus swap the roles. If they are unable to guess, the game goes on till they guess correctly.


Dancing Chain

This is yet another game that would make your party not only fun but also very memorable. The game starts with forming a circle, and asking a player to do a simple dance step like moving their hips, or punching the air. The move is practised by every single member, and the next person on the player’s left practices another move as the second step of the dance routine. The chain follows till the last player, and in the end the group practices the whole dance routine together! What could be more exciting and healthier than shaking your booty for a fun-filled party game?

Hosting parties can be a tiring job, but it can be just as fun when you have a bunch of joyful friends and a few party games to keep your party from being a boring get-together where people only meet to have food and exchange a few greetings. So incorporate a few games and let the fun begin! Who said party games are only for kids to play?

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Sounds like great fun, thank you for sharing? But concerning the winking murderer, what happens if he winks at the detective?

Hi :) glad u liked the games! Well in wink murderer, u can say the detective is immortal so even if the murderer winks at him, the detective wins :)

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