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I know that sometimes you just need to veg out on the couch and lose yourself in some mindless programs, but there are also things you can do while watching television that make the most of your down time. If you need to find time to catch up with your favorite shows but have so much on your schedule, you can be a super-duper multi-tasker. Of course, if the hot men in your fave shows have you goggle-eyed, glued to the screen and drooling, you might not be in any fit state to do anything else. If you are a competent multi-tasker, or want to become one, here are some things you can do while watching television:-

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Evaluate Your Budget

One of the most useful things you can do while watching TV is to review your budget. Calculate your total expenses for the past week and see how they fit in your weekly budget. Are you over the limit? Is there something that doesn’t seem to add up the way it should? If so, don’t fret about it right now. Set an appropriate time in the following days to deal with any issues – but, deal with them!


Bills, Bills, Bills!

If you’re wondering what to do while watching TV to be more productive, paying your bills should be on your list. This is something you surely hate no matter how you look at it, but at least you can do it while you are relaxed and in a good mood to make it seem less terrible. During a commercial break, pay any bills that don’t require too much math online. For more complicated things such as your credit card bill, set aside another time to go over them carefully, to review all charges.


Plan Your Weekend

Planning ahead is always wise, and you can save some time if you do it while watching TV. Email or text all the friends you’re planning to see this weekend and book whatever needs booking, so that you don’t have unpleasant surprises at the end of the week.


Give Your Inbox a Good Cleaning Session

Another of the things you can do while watching TV is to deal with those emails that have been growing mold in your inbox for ages. Delete any junk mail and answer all emails that can be dealt with fast. Then, set a time in your schedule to handle the more complicated ones – and make sure you stick to it!


Organize Your Email

Now that you’ve managed to answer the simplest emails, it’s time for a bit of organizing. Create folders for priority mail, things to deal with later, and so on. Then, split everything in your inbox into the appropriate folders. This may not seem at first like one of the most productive things you can do while watching TV, but believe me, you’ll be thankful later.


Give Your Purse Some Fresh Air

Does your bag do a great impression of a dumpster, snack shop, makeup counter and mobile office all tipped into one container? In this case, one of the best things to do while watching television is to give your old friend a break and throw out anything you don’t need. Then, organize all items and place them in appropriate pockets – just make sure you remember where you’ve put them – so that you don’t spend an hour looking for your keys, like you used to.


Offer Your Coffee Table Some TLC

Browse through that large pile of old magazines and newspapers lying around on your coffee table and clear out whatever you don’t read. Wipe the table clean and organize all magazines in neat piles. To make sure they don’t build up again, go online and cancel the subscriptions to the ones you don’t read anymore.


Plan Your Meals

If you never know what to cook for dinner or, when you do, you find out you’re missing that one essential ingredient you need to make that dish, here’s one of the best things you can do while watching TV: plan your meals for the whole week. Also, to make sure nothing ruins your plans, once you’ve figured out what you’ll be cooking this week, you can do your grocery shopping online during a commercial break.


Put Together Your to-do List

If you want to be productive while watching TV, put together your to-do list for the next week, writing down all goals you want to accomplish at work or any other task you want to take care of. This way, you’ll be sure you won’t forget anything and even be more motivated to actually go through with your plans.

If you put your mind to it, there’s probably tons more things you can do while watching TV. Do you multi-task in front of the magic box?

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or workout;))



Forgot to mention painting your nails.

I was thinking more paint your nails haha

Fold laundry, sew buttons, manicure nails, stretch tired muscles, trim split ends...

I also like to make a list of the shelf lives of the cosmetics I use, just to keep track of which ones I need to finish up faster.

What i do is il play candy crush on mobile

I read AWS and post my well meant comments.... We women are famous for being able to do two things the same time!

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