7 Fun and Inexpensive Hobbies to Try out in Your Spare Time ...


7 Fun and Inexpensive Hobbies to Try out in Your Spare Time ...
7 Fun and Inexpensive Hobbies to Try out in Your Spare Time ...

Even with all of our gadgets and technology, it’s still pretty easy to get bored, but fret not; I have compiled a list of fun and inexpensive hobbies to try out in your spare time, that’ll save you from boredom land. I know it might take some time to get into, but in the long run you’ll have fun, or at the very least have learned something new! So check out some of my suggestions for fun and inexpensive hobbies to try out in your spare time

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Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening is the act of tending to a garden that isn’t technically yours. The whole idea is to find a garden that is typically run down, neglected or not properly cared for by its legal owner, and do some sprucing of your own. You could choose to Guerrilla Garden as a way to grow and educate the community about fresh veggies and fruits in that neighborhood, or as a way to beautify it as well. You might even get a thrill out of being caught too! It’s a great way to get involved. It’s one of the best, most fun and inexpensive hobbies with good benefits to try out!


Watch Documentaries

There are tons of great documentaries out there aside from the ones you can watch on the History or Discovery channel. Vice.com often features amazing documentaries in countries all around the world. The topics are varied too. One of the most interesting documentaries I saw on Vice was about the Cannibal Warlords in Liberia. It’s very interesting to see things from another perspective.



Freecycle is a really cool stuff-swapping online community. Got anything you don’t want or need? Simply go to the website to search groups that might need what you don’t want. You could even find stuff that you want from others too. It’s something to do, and you get something out of it. Win-win!


Host Game Night

Game Night is already pretty popular, but I might as well suggest it because it is fun and inexpensive. Invite your friends over for a good game of Monopoly, Charades, Clue or even Trivia. To make it even better, you could play adult style. Land in Jail in Monopoly, take a shot! Move past Go, take a shot! See how easy that is? You could even check out Youtube comedian Jenna Marble’s suggestions on how to spice up your game night, here:




If you’re looking for something relatively easy to pick up, why not try crafts? Making jewelry, learning to sew and knit your own clothes, crocheting - there are so many different crafts you could take up. Plus, you’ll get some really nice style pieces out of it too. You could even make a profit by selling your crafts to your friends and families, and on Etsy!



If you like to go thrifting, this is definitely a great hobby for you! You can restore basically anything that just needs some care. You can restore furniture, cars, vintage dolls. Try finding things that are timeless and would look amazing once you’ve finished. It’d be great to see all the changes you made to a once run down item, and how fabulous it is in comparison.



Volunteering could be an awesome experience if you know what to do and how to do it. You could choose to be a mentor to at-risk youth, provide soup to the homeless or fight for a cause of your choosing. In some cases, it could exciting because you get to plan events, associate with others who have the same ideals, all while helping people in the process. Not to mention that warm, fuzzy feeling. Don’t you just love that?

Rather than sitting home surfing the web for hours, get out there (or in there) and pick up fun and inexpensive hobbies that you actually enjoy. Also, check out this site, freeintenyears.com, for other hobbies you might enjoy! You’ll learn something new, and have fun in the process. Ahh, the good life. Are there any inexpensive hobbies that you like that you want to share?

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If you watch documentaries, watch Louis Theroux, he has done sooo much stuff!

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