8 Best Nerdy but Fun Hobbies to Try ...

By Jennifer

I confess. I’m something of a nerd. No, I don’t wear thick-rimmed glasses, and I don’t own a pocket protector… but I am into some pretty nerdy hobbies. If you’re a nerd too, or suspect you might be, keep reading. Here are the 7 best nerdy but fun hobbies to try.

1 Puzzle Games

No worries: playing Words with Friends or Draw Something doesn’t qualify you as a nerd… but one of the best nerdy hobbies is puzzle games. Literally, there are thousands of websites dedicated to puzzle challenges, nerd on nerd. Ciphers using the Periodic Table of Elements? Clues written in Klingon? Oh yes… this and more.

2 Geocaching

This is my favorite pastime, a nerdy hobby to beat all others. What is geocaching? It’s a treasure hunt, using a GPS or smart phone… another cacher hides a container with a log sheet and some trinkets, then you download the coordinates and find it, sign the log, and move on to the next one. It’s so much fun, and it’s so addictive… and it’s such a nerd hobby!

3 Metal Detecting

I love the idea of using technology to find missing items, so this nerdy hobby sounds like a blast! Using a metal detector, you find objects with metal in them… jewelry, coins… anything with metal. Most hunters keep their finds, but I like the idea of posting them online as a giant lost and found.

4 Rock-hounding

This is another nerd hobby I love myself… I’m starting to think I might be a nerd. Rockhounds love combing beaches and trails for specimens of various rocks and minerals and gems. Some use apps to identify their finds, but others, like me, use old-school books and field guides.

5 Scrapbooking

Most of the people who love this nerdy hobby are moms, but really, anyone can do it! Making memory books, or scrapbooks, is fun… and when you’re done, you have a one-of-a-kind keepsake, something that will last a lifetime.

6 Re-enactments

Whether you’re a Civil War buff or a Harry Potter fan, chances are there’s a re-enactment club out there, a group of fellow fans to feed your nerdy hobby desires. Re-enacters don elaborate costumes and re-enact battles or scenes from books and movies. It sounds a little too nerdy for me, but some hobbyists even make their weddings into re-enactments…

7 Knitting

This nerdy hobby has become very popular lately, and I wish I could do it! Think about it. You get to knit things to give as unique gifts, and you get to drink tea. I’m in! Have you seen some of the cute plushie, sweater, and hat patterns on Pinterest?

8 Old-school RPGs

I love the old Final Fantasy video games, but this doesn’t even qualify as an old-school RPG. Long before video games, there were role playing games that were totally off-line, on paper only… and before consoles, there were text-based games. Take that, Skyrim!

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many of these nerdy hobbies appeal to me! At least I’m not alone, though… I know I’m not the only one who loves these nerdy hobbies! Which of these pastimes do you enjoy? Or is there another nerdy hobby you’re into? Do tell! We nerds have to stick together…

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