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8 Fun Evening Classes to Try ...

By Alison

Fun evening classes are just the thing to keep you diverted as winter comes ever nearer. You can choose something useful, or simply entertaining. There are so many different possibilities, so check out your local college or adult education centre to see what fun evening classes they are offering. Here are just a few of the fun evening classes you can find …

1 Circus Skills

Have you always dreamed of running away to join the circus? That might not be one of your ambitions any more, but you can still have a great time learning some new skills. There are lots of other things you can learn – even juggling with fire at some classes!

2 Street Dance

When you see a street dance troupe, you might wish that you could dance like that. Well, take one of these fun evening classes, and you can do! Maybe you won´t be as good as them, but the point is to have fun- you don´t have to be the best.

3 Forensic Science

Fans of CSI will definitely class this among fun evening classes! Yes, you can actually take a class looking at forensic science. So even if you don´t have ambitions to start a career in the field, you can still enjoy studying the subject and learning more about it.

4 Bollywood Dance

Bollywood dance scenes in movies are always such fun! Taking a dance class is not only great exercise, it´s also very enjoyable. So why not try a Bollywood class, and get fit and active. You´ll be bouncing around the room shaking your hips in no time!

5 Wine Tasting

Wine tasting has to be one of the most fun evening classes you can take (just don´t drive home afterwards!). Not only will you learn more about wine, but you´ll also get to sample lots of different bottles. So if you´d love to know what bottle to select when you want to buy one, try a wine tasting class.

6 Write Your Autobiography

Who would want to read my autobiography, you might ask yourself? Well, your children and grandchildren for a start! It´s also interesting to write down your history for your own benefit – we´ve all done more than we think we have in our lives.

7 Buying and Selling on the Internet

If you harbour ambitions to start a business empire, or even just a small business, a class like this could be the one for you. It will teach you all about internet commerce, which gives you the opportunity to reach a wide market. Some people have made a fortune – you could be one of them!

8 Fabric Painting

Artistic classes are always fun, and with a subject like fabric painting you can be really creative. You can create beautiful fabrics to make fabulously original clothing, or textiles for your home. Or again, it could even lead to a business!

There are so many fun evening classes that you could take. It´s great to do something for yourself that´s really enjoyable, so check out what´s on offer in your local area. You´ll have a laugh, learn something new, and maybe make new friends. Are there any fun evening classes that you´d love to take?

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