9 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Nights ...


9 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Nights ...
9 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Nights ...

I'm so excited to feature one of my good friends on the blog today, she always has the most beautiful inspiration photos on her blog Poppies and Sunshine. She is a wonderful person to get to know and always has sweet things to say. So if you enjoy her post go on over and say hello, here she is...Hi everyone! This is Shawna **from Poppies and Sunshine. **Summer nights **are one of my favorite things about **summer. Just the right temperature to spend an evening outdoors. Here are some of my favorite ideas to add some small touches to your outdoor space that will surely add a bit of magic to your night:

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Outdoor Seating...

Outdoor Seating... Image

Create a comfortable setting. Make pillows resistant to the weather by cutting two squares from a vinyl tablecloth, adding 1/2 inch to desired size for the seam. Don't care for vinyl? Use cloth napkins, as shown in this tutorial. When it comes to finding material to make pillows, you don't have to go to the fabric store. Think outside the box.



Lighting... Image

Hanging a string of lanterns adds a wonderful ambiance to an outdoor space. You can easily hang these lights anywhere you want to by anchoring wooden poles to gardening buckets, shown here.



Flowers... Image

Attach flowers with raffia to dress up votive holders.


Sit by the Fire...

Sit by the Fire... Image

A summer night isn't complete without a fire pit to roast marshmallows at. The best thing is, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a nice fire pit. Make your own by mapping out an area in your yard. Surround an area of dirt with bricks, add wood, and your ready for a fire!


Colorful Glow...

Colorful Glow... image

Add more ambient lighting by covering votive holders with vellum attached to chop sticks (how-to here). This will add a colorful glow no matter what color vellum you choose


Solar Power...

Solar Power... Image

Don't use electricity and save energy with solar powered lanterns, like these.


Don't Get Buggy....

Don't Get Buggy.... Image

One of the most important things to do is to keep those mosquitos away! But, at least this can be done with cute citronella candle sticks, like these.


Sleep Outdoors...

Sleep Outdoors... image

Camping in your backyard can be just as fun as camping far off in the mountains. Set up a tent in your backyard to spend an evening of fun with games and star gazing.


Movie Night...

Movie Night... Image

For a special evening, create a backyard movie theater if you have, or can borrow, and movie projector. Set up a comfortable setting, make some pop corn and other goodies, and have a night that will surely become a tradition.

Thank you again to the lovely Shawna from Poppies and Sunshine!

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this post really gets me excited for summer :)

These are all lovely things. And may I add nice fruity summer drinks? :)

Love Shawna and this post is fabulous! Makes me want to head outside and take it all in! :)

This post makes me want to organize a summer-party - let's see...

These are great! I just wish I had a back yard to do it all! :) Maybe I could decorate my aunt's backyard instead. And for finishing touches I'll make some fruity drinks and fruity cupcakes. :)

I was just thinking of what I can do on my summer nights. Thanks for the ideas Shawna! Ditto that! So comforting....

Great ideas! I especially love the idea of a movie night and I love the vellum lights! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Stephie x

I love Shawna's blog and her imagery. This post is so lovely! If I had a backyard I would spend so many nights watching movies just like in that beautiful photo. :)Ada

Oh how divine and absolutely inspirational, the paper lanterns with bucket poles are a fabulous idea!

This makes me want to have a garden so I can have a summer party..... Love Shawna and her blog! Cheers

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