9 Ways to Enjoy Your Summer Nights ...

I'm so excited to feature one of my good friends on the blog today, she always has the most beautiful inspiration photos on her blog Poppies and Sunshine. She is a wonderful person to get to know and always has sweet things to say. So if you enjoy her post go on over and say hello, here she is...Hi everyone! This is Shawna **from Poppies and Sunshine. **Summer nights **are one of my favorite things about **summer. Just the right temperature to spend an evening outdoors. Here are some of my favorite ideas to add some small touches to your outdoor space that will surely add a bit of magic to your night:

1. Outdoor Seating...

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Create a comfortable setting. Make pillows resistant to the weather by cutting two squares from a vinyl tablecloth, adding 1/2 inch to desired size for the seam. Don't care for vinyl? Use cloth napkins, as shown in this tutorial. When it comes to finding material to make pillows, you don't have to go to the fabric store. Think outside the box.

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