7 Great Things to do on a Saturday Night ...


7 Great Things to do on a Saturday Night ...
7 Great Things to do on a Saturday Night ...

Finding things to do on a Saturday night can be a bit difficult. Go to a bar … just like you do every week? Go to the cinema … and stand in a queue, pay a small fortune, only to listen to cellphones ringing and people talking. There must be more interesting things to do on a Saturday night! Well there are plenty of alternatives, all you need is a little imagination. Here are some great things to do on a Saturday night …

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Movie Night with Friends

One of the most fun things to do on a Saturday night is have a movie night with friends, especially if one of you has a large-screen TV! It´s so much cheaper than going to the cinema. Rent some DVDs, bring popcorn, pizza and snacks, put your feet up and enjoy a movie marathon with your friends.


Live Music

Most towns and cities have a good variety of live music every Saturday night. Whatever your taste in music, you´re sure to find something you like. Check out online listings or look in your local music store for flyers. Be adventurous, and take a chance on a new band – the entrance will be cheap, you´ll be supporting the local music scene, and you might just discover a band you really love!


Free Festivals

One of the fun things to do on a Saturday night in summer is to take advantage of the good weather (depending on where you live, of course), and go to one of the free festival events put on in many towns and cities. Barcelona is full of them. Music, theatre and other kinds of entertainment are found all over the place, and they don´t cost a penny.


Pot Luck Supper

Do you like to get together with a group of friends? Then organise a Pot Luck Supper. Everybody brings a dish they´ve prepared at home to share. Somehow it seems to work out perfectly, and you get a variety of savoury dishes and desserts (rather than everyone bringing pizza).


City Stroll

If you live in a lively city, one of the most enjoyable (and free) things to do on a Saturday night is to go for a stroll. Everyone is out because it´s Saturday night, and people-watching is fascinating. Look at restaurants, shop windows, buildings and all around. There are lots of interesting sights to be seen, and it´s enjoyable just to wander around looking at whatever catches your eye.


Take a Drive

Saturday nights don´t just have to be about clubs and bars! Why not get in your car or on your motorbike, and take a drive somewhere scenic. Places can look amazing by night as well as by day , with all the buildings and streets lit up. Going for a drive can be much more interesting than being in a crowded bar.


Fun Job

Who wants to work at the weekend? Actually, getting a job can be one of the smartest things to do on a Saturday night. If you´re a very sociable person, why not look for some shifts in a bar or club. This way, you can enjoy the music and the atmosphere – and get paid for it into the bargain! You´ll probably still see your friends, and you won´t have to spend your own money.

There are loads of things to do on a Saturday night that don´t involve the usual clichés of going out for dinner, drinks or to the cinema. It´s not that these things aren´t fun, but they can be expensive. Besides, sometimes you fancy doing something a little bit different! So use these tips for starters, and see what else you come up with! What are the most unusual things to do on a Saturday night that you´ve ever tried?

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