7 Things to Consider when Planning a Surprise Party ...


7 Things to Consider when Planning a Surprise Party ...
7 Things to Consider when Planning a Surprise Party ...

Planning a surprise party can be a whole lot of work. There’s food to cook and music to choose and decorations to stick up. If you want the birthday girl (or guy) to have the best time possible, you have to figure out if you have what it takes to pull off a perfect party. To help you out, I’ve compiled some questions you should ask yourself before planning a surprise party.

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Will She Be Happy?

The most important thing to consider when planning a surprise party is whether the recipient will appreciate it. Some people aren’t fans of surprises or socializing and could react negatively. Is the person you’re aiming to surprise the type to enjoy a big party? Or would she prefer a quiet night in with only a few pals? Before going through the trouble of planning, think about the end result.


Can You Create the Perfect Guest List?

How well do you know the birthday girl’s friends and family? Are there people who shouldn’t be in the same room together? You don’t want to create a guest list that’s destined to lead to a fight. Also try to figure out whether she’d want her coworkers around on her night off. Some people like to keep their work lives separate from their personal lives. People are what make or break a party, so be careful who you invite.


Can You Afford It?

Between decorations and food, parties can end up being quite pricey. Others may volunteer to help you plan or will contribute money, but some won’t. If your financial situation isn’t the greatest, you may want to celebrate your friend’s birthday in a different way. There’s nothing wrong with just inviting her over for a small dinner or taking her out for dessert. She’ll appreciate whatever you decide to do.


Will It Actually Be a Surprise?

Surprise parties are rarely actual surprises. Decide who you should tell about the party months in advance and who you should wait until the last second to leak the info to. Some people find it difficult to keep secrets and you don’t want them to spoil your big surprise. If you have to tell any blabbermouths the date of the party so they can RSVP, don’t tell them the details. Even if the birthday girl finds out about the party, at least the food, decorations, and gifts will be a surprise.


Do You Know the Birthday Girl Well Enough?

If you want to make someone’s birthday perfect, you need to know enough about them. What music do they like? What flavor of cake do they prefer? If you want to use a theme, make sure it’s something they won’t be embarrassed about. Just because you know they’re obsessed with My Little Pony doesn’t mean that they want the entire world to know.


Will She Have Other Plans?

Make sure that the birthday girl doesn’t have other plans on the day of the party. All of your hard work will be for nothing if she doesn’t show up. Create fake plans with her ahead of time so there’s no chance that she’ll miss the party. Or ask someone else to do the same so that she’s less suspicious of you. Just don’t let her miss out on the fun!


Should Alcohol Be Available?

If adults are going to attend the party, they’ll expect alcohol to be served. Decide whether or not this is a good idea. Things might get out of hand if there are drinks involved and if minors are around, it could cause issues. Think about how the birthday girl views alcohol. If she’s a partier, stock the fridge with tequila. If she’s against it, keep the party dry.

I hope you throw the best party possible! Have you ever attended a surprise party? Did the person end up loving it or did something go wrong?

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