7 Tips on How to Host a Cool Party ...


7 Tips on How to Host a Cool Party ...
7 Tips on How to Host a Cool Party ...

How To Host A Party that people will still be talking about weeks later is not an easy accomplishment but with this list of 7 tips on how to host a party-a COOL party-you will have everything in smooth control! Wether it's your first party to host or one of many that you've thrown before, you will want this list of handy little tips on how to host a party to make your bash the coolest one around! Keep on reading for some fabulous ideas that are sure to be a big hit!

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Get Some Neat Lighting

While knowing how to host a party includes lots of different things, lighting is a big part of that list! Lighting creates the mood and gives the place atmosphere so make sure you have some unique lighting for your party. Some ideas include tiki torches, disco balls, candles, black lights, colored bulbs, white christmas lights, or paper globes placed over your light bulbs. All of these can be purchased at local party supply stores.


Have Good Food

If there's anything you need to know on how to host a cool party it's to make sure you have plenty of good food! Make a menu in advance and then have everything prepared and set out before your guests arrive. Don't forget drinks! Fill a tub with ice to keep them cool and conveniently close to the food.


Get Some Entertainment Options

A good party needs good entertainment. If you want to know how to host a party that rocks, make sure to provide entertainment. Here are a few ideas: A pool table, board games, movies, playstation/xbox games, some old school nintendo, a pool, a foosball table, or a karaoke machine. Brainstorm some ideas of your own if none of these work for you!


Play Some Tunes

You want to make sure your party has some sweet tunes to blast out on the radio. Or maybe soft background music is more your style. Whatever you like, make sure to create a playlist on your ipod in advance and hook it up to a few speakers. There's nothing like a little music to set the mood!


Mix and Mingle

If you want to know how to host a party, remember to mix and mingle with your guests. A host who keeps to herself or only chats with one or two of her guests the entire evening is not a very good host. Make sure you say hi and be polite to all of your guests throughout the party and make attempts to get everyone to mingle with each other.


Do Something Unexpected

For a really cool twist and a unique idea for how to host a party consider doing something out-of-the-box for your guests. I love the idea of doing a door prize drawing! If that's not your style, maybe have a few games on hand that split everyone up into competitive teams for a prize. Could be a scavenger hunt or some other game. If money is in the budget, hiring a comedian might be a hit!


Make Sure Your Guests Are Comfortable

If you want to make sure you know the most important thing on how to host a party, it's this little piece of advice right here: Make sure your guests are comfortable! Provide ample seating and beverages. Toss a few cozy blankets and pillows around in case your guests want to lounge on the sofas. Make sure restrooms are clean and can be easily found. That's the key to a successful party!

Knowing How To Host A Party will put you right on the map as a cool person! You can guarantee that your backyard will become more popular once you have thrown down the gauntlet for cool parties. With this list of ideas on how to host a party you can make sure you will stay at the top! Do you have any tips for how to host a party? Please comment below and share them with us!

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