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By Melissa

Puppy Training Tips are crucial when bring home a new puppy. You want your puppy to quickly learn not to potty in the house, not to chew up your shoes, and how to act around others. This is why it is so important to follow puppy training tips and teach your puppy good manners. Follow these 8 puppy training tips to having a well-mannered puppy.

1 Positive Reinforcement

Whether you are trying to house break your puppy or getting him to stop chewing, positive reinforcement is more effective than negative. Redirect your puppy’s attention to a chew toy or outside when displaying negative behavior. Praise the puppy when he displays the behavior you want.

2 Consistency

The most important puppy training tip is to stay consistent. Don’t get lazy and let your puppy get away with the negative behavior you are trying to break because you are too tired to let him out or correct him. If you don’t enforce the rules at all times your dog will become confused and not know what you expect from him.

3 Use a Crate

Crates are an excellent way to train your puppy. Even puppy training tip experts agree that using a crate is a good choice. Reality is you can’t watch your puppy every moment of everyday. Keeping him in a crate while you are away or unable to watch him keeps him and your things safe.

4 Mix and Mingle

It is also important to allow your puppy to socialize. You want him to be comfortable around people and other animals. Take him to the park to play or invite friends over. If your friends have pets allow them to bring their pets too. Let the animals play and get to know one another.

5 Exercise

One of the most important puppy training tips to remember is to keep your puppy active. Take him for daily walks. Puppies have a lot of energy and need time to run around. Spend 30 to 40 minutes each day going on a nice brisk walk. You can break the time up between a morning and evening walk or do it all at once.

6 Feeding Schedule

If you are working on house training your puppy you need to know when to expect his bathroom breaks. If you feed him at the same time every day you will start to see a pattern in his bathroom behavior. You will then know when to let him out and praise him for use the bathroom outside.

7 Proper Food

Puppies also need the proper food. It's not just about giving a puppy food made for puppies. Your puppy also needs high quality food that with good ingredients, not fillers. When animals eat good foods they are likely to eat better and have fewer bowel movements, making potty training even easier.

8 Training Time

Another important puppy training tip is training your puppy at the right time. Don’t try to teach your little guy new tricks when he is tired, hyper, or wanting to play. You won’t get much done and both will end up feeling frustrated.

These puppy training tips are a breeze to learn -- for both of you! Having a new puppy can be fun and exciting. However, training your puppy with the proper puppy training tips is very important. If you have experience with a puppy share your puppy training tips too.

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