7 Unbelievably Useful Tips on How to Tell if Someone is Lying ...


7 Unbelievably Useful Tips on How to Tell if Someone is Lying ...
7 Unbelievably Useful Tips on How to Tell if Someone is Lying ...

Learning How To Tell if Someone Is Lying is actually pretty simple and you don’t even have to practice it or read a lot about it! In fact, the only two things you need to do in order to make sure you never fall for it again is to listen and watch carefully. Well, make it three things as you’d have to read my post on how to tell if someone is lying first! LOL! Now, for all of you sick and tired of liars, lies and emotional damage this negative social behavior often causes, here are some tips on how to tell if someone is lying!

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Too Many Details

While truth is simple and factual, lie is often embellished and you’ll easily figure out how to tell if someone is lying if you pay attention to what the person is telling you. My mom, for example, always knew my brother is lying because the only time he shared details and bothered to tell the longer version was when the story in question had been a complete lie! Liars usually have the story all figured out in advance, they’ll literally memorize it like a poem so it might be a good idea to say something or change the topic for a second in order to determine if the person is actually telling the truth. A good liar will repeat everything perfectly, a bad one might even make a mistake while a person who’s telling the truth might be like, “Umm? What was I saying?”


Uncommon Behavior

In order to know how to tell if someone is lying, you’ll have to be a good listener and a careful observer as well. Why? Because noticing a drastic change in person’s behavior isn’t exactly nuclear physics! Here’s a tip – if you notice that a normally calm person starts getting all restless whenever a certain topic is brought up, change the subject and look for non-verbal clues. Is the person acting differently now? More like her/his usual self? Go back to the “critical” issue and, again, scan for clues.


No Eye Contact or Too Much Eye Contact

Some liars feel too guilty to look you in the eyes while some have gotten so good that they’ll do this in order to assure you that what you hear is the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Terrible, huh? Well, don’t worry because you can still call his/her bluff! Your liar might be good but he’s not THAT good! In fact, while telling lies, he’ll act the opposite of what he normally does! People who rarely make eye contact will start insisting on it to the point where it becomes totally weird and vice versa.


Changing the Subject

Liar knows that the longer his story is, the bigger are the chances of you figuring out the truth, so he (or she) will always try to change the subject! Good liars will be able to do this perfectly but don’t take the bait – keep returning to the previous topic and you’ll soon determine exactly how desperate is the person in question to avoid it. Remember that some people might change the subject even if they are telling the truth simply because they are bored to talk about it (or think you don’t really want to hear about it), but they rarely have a problem with going back to that if you insist.


Body Language

Figuring out how to tell if someone is lying shouldn’t be too hard when you know exactly which body language clues to look for. First of all, pay close attention to the potential liar’s hands because liars usually feel the need to keep their hands busy when lying. A person in question might touch his/her face, ankles, knees, elbows, tug his/her clothes or play with his/her hair but will rarely (or better yet, never) position the palms hands close to heart (chest). Liar’s legs might be crossed, back hunched – almost if he or she was shrinking.


Late or Improper Facial Expressions

I’m sure you’ve seen enough TV shows and met enough frenemies to know what a fake smile or fake compassion looks like! Am I right? Well, observing emotional reactions will definitely help you learn how to tell if someone is lying! When a person is genuinely happy or sad, this feeling will be reflected on his entire face (not only lips) and the facial expression will not be a minute late. When telling lies, people often make a sad/happy grimace a few seconds before or after they should and the expression in question isn’t anything like their normal happy or sad face.



Try to express even the slightest doubt in your dear liar’s words and he’ll start point his finger at you! Why? Because an attack is the best defense strategy there is! You don’t even have to say “I don’t believe you”, a subtle hint will do because that’s exactly how much a liar (who already knows his story is fake) needs in order to react in a way that will put you on the guilty bench.

I doubt anyone will be able to trick you now that you know how to tell if someone is lying! And you know what? I’d drink to that! Who needs a liar, anyways! But, just to be on the safe side, tell me – do you have any other tips on how to tell if someone is lying?

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Thanks this was very helpful for me🙏🙏🙏😃😃😃😃😃

i am sure my sister stole something from me but she declines it. how do i know if she is telling the truth?

Looking down and to the left is a way to tell as well

you can also tell someone is lying if they start insulting and blowing up at the smallest comments. bonus points if you're talking calmly during all this.

Thank you u guys are the best!

my friend is lying


Another way to tell is if they look around looking for escape options

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