7 Ways to Celebrate Being Irish on St. Patrick's Day ...


7 Ways to Celebrate Being Irish on St. Patrick's Day ...
7 Ways to Celebrate Being Irish on St. Patrick's Day ...

Any Irish person will tell you that they are proud of their heritage, and if you are Irish, there are plenty of ways to celebrate being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Your heritage tells the story of where you came from and celebrating that heritage celebrates your history, which you should certainly be proud of. So, this March 17, get out your green and wear it with pride and try some of these ways to celebrate being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Listen to Irish Music

A great way to celebrate being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day is to listen to Irish music. The Irish are famous for many things, including their beautiful music. Whether it’s an upbeat ditty or a mellow tune (ever heard of Celtic Women or Enya?), listening to Irish music is a fantastic way to celebrate your heritage on St. Patrick’s Day.


Do a Jig

While you are listening to that Irish music, show off your Irish heritage by dancing a little jig. You don’t have to know how to actually dance a jig – or even be a good dancer – in order to dance a jig; the whole point is to have fun and let your Irish stand out.


Wear Green

According to legend, the Irish wear green on St. Patrick’s Day so that they won’t get pinched by a leprechaun (this is an American-Irish tradition that started somewhere around the 1700s). Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day has also become a symbol that represents Ireland. So, this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate your heritage by donning the color green. Shirts, pants, hats, beads and even green hair are great ways to show off the your Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.


Eat Irish Food

Dine on Irish foods on St. Patrick’s Day. Corned beef and cabbage are traditional foods to eat on this holiday (though the tradition began with the American Irish) and they are quite delicious. Other foods that you can enjoy include Irish soda bread, a traditional Irish breakfast and Irish stew. Yum!


Drink Irish Spirits

The Irish are famous for creating fantastic spirits, like Guinness Irish Stout and Jameson whiskey. On St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate being Irish by toasting to your heritage and enjoying a sip of a tasty Irish spirit. Of course, remember to drink your spirits responsibly.


Learn about Ireland

Take the time on St. Patrick’s Day to actually learn about the history of the holiday and about the Irish. These people have a very strong and proud history and if you are Irish, it will make you proud to know exactly where you came from and what life was like for your ancestors.


Go to a Parade

St. Patrick’s Day has become synonymous with parades, so why not attend one to celebrate the holiday? Of course, don’t forget to wear your green at the parade to show off your lucky heritage.

If you are Irish, you should stand tall and be proud of your heritage all year long, and especially on St. Patrick's Day. This holiday is a great excuse to have some fun while celebrating the proud culture of the Irish. Are you Irish? How are you planning on celebrating this March 17?

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