7 over the Top Venues for Your Sweet Sixteen ...


7 over the Top Venues for Your Sweet Sixteen ...
7 over the Top Venues for Your Sweet Sixteen ...

Sweet sixteen parties are arguably the most important part of many teens’ lives and making a list of your favorite sweet sixteen venues is vital. Teens don't want small parties at home like they had when they were little, they want over the top! If you’re looking for some spectacular sweet sixteen venues, check out some of my favorite locations you might not have thought of!

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Ocean Paradise

There are so many fantastic sweet sixteen venues, but the beach is by far my favorite! And if a lot of people are coming to your party, you might want to consider it too! There is literally an endless supply of room for all of your friends and the ocean breeze will keep the temperature perfect if you’re planning a summer party. You might even consider going to a lake if you aren’t close to the coast. And make sure you remember the bathing suits!



If you are one for high fashion and skyscrapers, then New York City might be the perfect venue for your sweet sixteen. Overflowing with shops and restaurants, you’ll never run out of things to do! Bring some friends on a day trip or stay overnight in a fancy hotel and rent a limo! Your party will be the talk of the town… or the city!


Yacht under the Stars

Do you want over the top? Try under the stars instead! Having your sweet sixteen on a yacht will give you more than enough room for all of your friends and family! And having it under the stars will give you a great theme to branch off of! Just make sure the weather is good or be prepared with an indoor back-up plan!


Party Abroad

If you are really willing to go over the top, then going overseas is a great option for your sweet sixteen venue! Maybe you want to visit Paris for a week, London for a day or even Australia for a weekend! You can visit all of your favorite attractions and landmarks or fall in love with the city for the first time! Bring a friend or two to help you spend your overseas party in style!


The Happiest Place on Earth

Are you a Disney fanatic? If so, why not have your birthday party at Disney World? You can speed through your sweet sixteen on all of your favorite roller coasters and rides! And after you get your fill, you and your friends can head back to your hotel and make your plans for the next day of fun!


Rockin’ out

For all those music-loving teens, like me, out there, here’s a venue you can’t pass up! A concert with all of your favorite artists and your best BFFs is sure to be a smash! Plan ahead and get tickets early so you can have the best seats in the house!


Partying in Luxury

If you aren’t the thrill-chasing teen and are more laid back, then try having your sweet sixteen at a luxury resort! You could go up to the mountains or spend a day in the spa! You and your friends could waste the day away being pampered and polished. Making it to sixteen means that you need to treat yourself to a day all for yourself and your friends. You’ll be relaxed enough that you can survive the year until your next birthday comes!

Turning sixteen is a big step for a teenager. You’ve survived school, dances, lots of acne, and trying to find the perfect outfits. It’s about time you get to celebrate! Make the day special and invite your closest friends and family to your fantastic venue. And if you haven’t planned your’s yet, consider some of my favorite venues and tell me some of your own ideas! What are some of your over the top venues for your sweet sixteen?

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Sweet sixteen parties like that are for rich people.

I think the posts should include something more realistic and approachable for 'normal' people.

I just had my 16th birthday and I decided not to have a sweet 16 party. What's the point? It's not like 16 is a special year. I'd rather save the money for college or the trip to France with my orchestra next year.

I just had a BBQ with family...saving money for college...should consider that @Jasmine #justsaying :)

I don't wanna spend a lot x just have a memorable occasion, and my parents would pay so I've got my own money stored away!

I know right? I'm 16 next year and want to do something memorable but I live in England and my birthday is in February so no Disney and no beach...

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