7 Things You Can do on Facebook ...


7 Things You Can do on Facebook ...
7 Things You Can do on Facebook ...

I love social networking sites, and Facebook is my favorite because there are so many things you can do on Facebook! Social sites like Twitter and Instagram are fun to have too, but you are limited as to what you can or can’t do on these particular sites. With Facebook, you have more options! Here are 7 things you can do on Facebook.

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Create Events

One of the fabulous things you can do on Facebook is create events and invite people to them! Mailing out invitations is time-consuming and costly. With the click of a button, you can have your event details explained, and invite anyone you want! And people are more likely to RSVP if it doesn’t involve sending an email back or a form through the mail.


Support a Cause

Facebook is a great tool to promote your beliefs and support any cause you rally for. You can do this by simply liking and sharing photos on your page, or you can go one step further and like pages that support your cause! Facebook has even created the option to promote your own statuses now, so you can recruit others to the cause if that’s what you’d like to do.


Promote Your Business

Do you have a hobby on the side? Do you own or run your own business? Whether it’s a large or small business, you can create a Facebook page for it! Many people use this method to draw in a bigger fan base and more customers. Remember to have the occasional sale, contest, or promotion to get your customers involved. Share lots of photos of what you do too; people love to see what their options are!


Share Your Photos

This one might sound a bit trite, but bear with me! It’s a good idea to share lots of photos on Facebook often, and not just to brag on yourself or what you have. If you ever have a computer crash, or something terrible happens such as losing all your family photos in a house fire or natural disaster, you will have some of them saved and backed up to Facebook, free of charge! Many websites charge to store photos for you, but Facebook is free.


Keep up with Friends Effortlessly

These days, who has time to actually call or text or visit with every single friend or family member they have each day? No one, of course! That’s why Facebook is nice. Within 5-10 minutes, you can sit down and see what is going on in your cousin’s life or what your best friend from high school did last week. Some people call this being nosy, but Facebook is supposed to be about keeping up with what your friends are doing!


Synchronize Facebook with Your Phone

This handy little option makes it easy to keep your phone contacts sorted out, with up-to-date photos! You can synchronize all your Facebook friends to your contact list, and have all their info in your address book! Not all your friends share all their personal info on Facebook, but if there’s someone’s number you would like to have and they don’t have it listed, just ask them for it!


Start a Private Group

The option to create a private group on Facebook is nice, because then you can only include members you want to include. When a group is private, no one can even find or see it unless they have been invited to join. You can have private family groups, or whatever strikes your fancy!

These are just a few of the interesting things you can do with Facebook. One thing to always remember is that you control the level of privacy you have with Facebook. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you! Which things do you like to use Facebook for? Please comment below with your favorite uses for Facebook!

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I am totally burned out with FB. It's a job to keep it fresh.

Groups are a blast ! I've started several and we all enjoy it. We post

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