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7 Tips on Using Facebook for Your Business ...

By Jennifer

Small businesses will lead the way in this nation’s economic recovery, but they’ve been just as hard-hit as everyone else, scraping and saving pennies like the rest of us… so how can a small business leverage every asset possible to reach new and existing customers, spread the word on sales and specials, and increase customer loyalty, all without spending a penny? Facebook! It’s free to create a page for your business, and it makes all of those things I just mentioned possible all at no charge. If you’re ready to start using Facebook to help your small business stay successful, keep reading! Here are 7 tips on using Facebook for your business.

1 Launch a Page

It’s important to launch a business page, not a personal page, for your small businesses, because there are so many tools that Facebook makes available to businesses that aren’t available to people. So get all of your data together, then launch a page!

2 Get Connected

Once your page is launched, including all of your information and maybe a photo or two, it’s time to start adding customers and friends. In all of your ads and flyers, add a graphic that asks customers to add you on Facebook. And if you know who some of your clients are, add them yourself!

3 Offer Specials

Now that you and your clients are connected on Facebook, make it worth their while by offering specials that are exclusive to Facebook. For example, a local tattoo removal doctor I know is offering a special to new customers, giving them $5 for each of their friends who “likes” him on Facebook. That’s a significant savings to the client, and a bigger network of potential customers for him!

4 Make Contact

It’s important to get in front of your Facebook connections at least once a week, but never more than once a day. This isn’t Twitter, and there’s nothing that’s that important! Post an update every three or four days, and keep them brief but interesting. Also, be sure to respond to comments and questions within just a few hours…

5 Ask for Reviews

Did you ever notice the “reviews” tab on a business’s Facebook page? It’s a great place to find information on a small business, so encourage your customers to leave a review on your business’s Facebook page.

6 Share!

Did you have an event at your small business? Did you make a headline in the local paper? Is there a product your business loves and wants to promote? Share links to photos, news article, and YouTube videos on your business Facebook page. Now you’ve gone multi-media!

7 Keep Professional

The most important thing to remember when using Facebook for your business is that you must, MUST remain professional! Remember, this is your BUSINESS… and everything you put on your Facebook page, whether it’s a photo or a comment or a status update is out there FOREVER, even after it’s been deleted, so you have to be careful to be professional all the time. Check for spelling mistakes and grammar errors, too!

Now that you’ve read all of these tips, it’s time to get going and get your small business on Facebook! Or maybe you already have? Which of these tips did you use when you launched the Facebook page for your business? Do you have any other ideas to share?

Top Photo Credit: Laughing Squid

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