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How to beat Angry Birds — this is something I’ve pondered for months, as I’ve worked through the levels and golden eggs, trying my best to get three stars on all the levels for even more goodies and hidden levels. It’s a great time-waster, and I’ve gotten good at it! But how to beat Angry Birds isn’t something I learned overnight, so if you’re as hooked on killing those green pigs as I am, I’ll save you some time with these tips! Here are 8 tips on how to beat Angry Birds.

1. Practice Makes Perfect!

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Like anything else, in sports or gaming, it takes practice to succeed. That includes Angry Birds! Want to know how to beat Angry Birds? Keep trying! Sling those birds over and over again until you see them in your sleep.

2. Go for 3 Stars

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Once you’ve beat a level, if you didn’t get all 3 stars, do it over again until you do. Why? There are some golden eggs you won’t get until you beat every level in every world with all 3 stars. There’s a point threshold for every star, and every left-over bird gives you 10,000 points, so keep trying until you kill all the pigs with the fewest birds possible, to rack up points and get all 3 stars.

3. Extend Your View

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Did you know that you can get a better far-away view of the level you’re trying to master by extending your view? Sometimes it helps to see more of the board. Sometimes, you might want to zoom in. Try both ways until you get the view that’s right for you, and you can see exactly how to beat Angry Birds!

4. Walk Away from It

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My first tip on how to beat Angry Birds told you to keep trying. Well, in some cases, you might need to put your iPad down and walk away for a little while. One the levels that have given me the most hassle, sometimes I’d get so frustrated or tired I made stupid mistakes. Give yourself a little break, put it down, have a snack, then get back to it!

5. Know How to Use Each Bird

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There are red birds, big red birds, yellow birds, blue birds, white birds, and black birds — do you know how to use each angry bird to beat Angry Birds? Study them closely and you’ll notice they all act in different ways. For instance, yes, the blue birds will become THREE blue birds, and are great at shattering glass, but if you wait to tap them until they’re closer to your target, they have a greater impact. Know how to use the individual birds and you’ll know how to beat Angry Birds!

6. Look Closely at the Board

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Before you try to beat a level, take a long hard look at the board, the pigs, and the obstacles, along with the birds and the order you get them in to formulate a plan.

7. Turn the Sound off (or on)

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For some reason, the sounds of the squawking birds and snorting pigs is a huge distraction for me, but for my daughter, it helps her get into it. If you’re not having much luck with beating Angry Birds with the sounds on, turn them off, or vice-versa. I hate the smug snorts the pigs give when you haven’t killed them all!

8. Watch a Video!

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If all else fails, and you can’t figure out how to beat Angry Birds on your own, check out a free video tutorial on YouTube. Rovio Mobile (the creators of Angry Birds) has a very helpful channel, and if you don’t like their videos, try Hatman23. His are sometimes different than the ones on Rovio!

These are the ways I’ve found have worked best to beat Angry Birds, and they really do work I’m on the last addition, Mine and Dine, and I’ve got three stars on almost every level! On the other hand, I’m always open to improving my game, so… do you have any tips on how to beat Angry Birds you can share, too? Let me know down below!

Top image source: rovio.com

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