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7 Office Party Ideas ...

By Elizabeth

Who needs office party ideas? Anyone planning a good time at the office with your coworkers? Whether it's the holidays or your boss's big birthday, or just any ol' day to have fun with the working family, here are some great office party ideas to get the ball rolling!

1 Company Picnic

Out of all the office party ideas I have found, I think having a company picnic is my favorite. It gets you "out of the office" for a little fun in the sun, and best yet, you can include your family in the fun as well. Rent a bouncing playhouse for the kids, set up some games like horseshoes, bean bag toss, frisbee and whatever else sounds fun. When the day arrives, you will all have a great, relaxed day with friends and family, and your boss!

2 Movie Night

I think a "Movie Night" office party sounds like it would be great fun as well! So, here is what you do. Pick several new release movies, let the workers in the office vote on which one they would like to see. Rent one, pull out the projector, pop some popcorn and have a blast. For added fun and laughter, you could have everyone either come in their pajamas, or come dressed as their favorite movie character!


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3 Days Gone by

If all your coworkers were given the opportunity to pick their favorite decade of dress, what would they choose? Wouldn't it be neat to find out? Why not have an office party where everyone dresses up in their favorite decade's style and come out to party! Which decade would you choose? A twist on this would be to make it an 80's party, with just the right music, too!

4 Murder Mystery

Murder mystery nights are delightful. Assign everyone a false identity, work out all the details of the mystery and let everyone try to figure out who the killer is. It makes for an exciting night! I also read a great office party game where you choose one person to be the detective (you should choose the boss!) and you send the "detective" out of the room. Then, you decide who is to be the "killer." (You will want to choose someone who thinks they will be the best at fooling the detective.) Once you have made your choice, you bring the "detective" back in and let the party go on as normal with food and talk, etc. The "killer" winks at someone to "kill" them and does so at odd times throughout the night. The "detective" must figure out who the "killer" is before all the employees are "dead." Sounds entertaining, right?

5 Office Awards

Actors get awards, scientists get awards, why not office workers? Host an awards night for all your office employees. Have everyone dress in their "Emmy's Best" and come out for a night of high society dining and dancing. You can give out awards like "Best Desk," "Most Friendly," "Best Office Dress" and whatever else suits your particular profession. Fun, yes?


Have a potluck! Have everyone bring their own specialty. You'll find out really quick which of your coworkers to trust with bringing you homemade soup when you're sick! Just make sure you taste a little bit of everyone's food. You woudln't want anyone offended!

7 Copycat

This isn't an idea for a complete party, per se, but it will still be quite fun to play. Before the game begins, explain that whoever is wearing the sticky note (or whatever other sticky paper you choose) on their back with the words "copy me" written on it, everyone else is to copy their movements. Now, not every little obvious movement, but say, the "copy" person starts scratching their ear, everyone does. When the "copy" person figures out that they are being copied, they remove the "copy" label and try to sneak it on someone else. And so the game continues... I love childish games like this. Makes me feel young again!

Office parties are great because they take the hum-drum work worries and lighten the mood for everyone involved. It's a good thing for all. Do you have any office party ideas you'd like to share? We always love to hear from our faithful readers!

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