8 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Themes ...


8 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Themes ...
8 Fun Kids' Birthday Party Themes ...

What is a party without having one of the top, fun kids' birthday party themes available? Face it! You simply cannot be in top social status with the other moms if you don't have a great party theme for your child on their special day! But now, you're faced with the difficult decision on what party theme to have! After all, party trends, just like all trends, are constantly changing. So what is the latest kids' birthday party themes to use? Read this article to find out!

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Fluff and Sprinklishish!

So you have your little princess turning 1 year old. You need something that fits her crowning personality, something that is light, precious and totally sweet! Out of all the kids' birthday party themes I have found that is most popular with baby girls, it is definitly ruffle cakes and sprinkles of color. (I actually chose this theme for my own daughter's first birthday party!) A ruffle cake is so easy for any mom to do. Just go to YouTube and look it up for easy instructions. And then fill your birthday room with lots of sprinkles of color, and throw in little tiaras for the finishing touch. Very cute!



It seems that no matter the age, a dinosaur is appealing to any boy. Maybe it's the teeth, maybe it's the roar... I don't know. I do know, however, that boys go crazy when presented with a dinosaur. So whether you have a 1 year old birthday boy (who truthfully wouldn't even care if it were Barbie dolls), or a 5 year old "big" boy, dinosaurs are a great party theme. For little ones, they have cute, toy-like dinosaur themes, and the bigger a boy gets, the more realistic his cake and decor can become. Your little man is sure to have a rip roaring time!



Both boys and girls seem to like a good Superhero themed party these days. Don a cape and a mask and become the world's greatest supermom as you bring a crowd pleasing theme for all the neighborhood friends to enjoy. Seriously, the many choices with this theme are far more than this article can hold! If it were my son, they would have a complete Superhero adventure, each having his own super identity and a crime to solve! You will have your guests singing your theme song for a very long time. A true, living legend!



I have found another trend to be surfacing lately with mothers and their little angel's birthday - all things vintage. I have seen vintage airplane themes, vintage Tiffany, even just plain vintage in general! I hope that my daughter enjoys vintage like I do! When she is old enough to fully appreciate it, I hope to host a vintage dress-up party for her. They will all be required to dress in 1920's wear and will come together for a time of tea and fine dining. Truly a moment to treasure... and take lots of great pictures!



Along the vintage thought, I would personally enjoy a good, old fashioned murder mystery party! I have always wanted one! Everyone dresses up (again in their 1920's best) and comes together to solve the crime of who killed the rich host. (Hey, it's always the host that is killed in those things...) But again, this is definitely one of those themes best left for any older child's birthday party. For younger guys interested in mystery and suspense, having a Sherlock party would be good to do. Or better yet, use your "parent creativity" to come up with a mystery party specifically centered around things your child enjoys! Come on, you know you got it in you!


Thomas the Train

Thomas the Tank Engine has been a classic favorite of kids for years. It is no wonder that parties themed after the Island of Sodor are still a popular choice for young boys today. Bright colors, pretty pictures, and plenty of toys to double as decorations and child entertainment, hey, you can't go wrong!



You will have a swinging fun time with a monkey themed party! There are cute monkeys for your little girl to enjoy, or you can take the "jungle safari" approach for a boy. Swing from the rafters with fun and games. Just tell them to leave all monkey-business at home!


Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark party themes are good because there are so many creative outlets with the decorations and cakes! I love the animals! Especially (and here I go again with the vintage stuff, I know) but especially with the vintage animals like Martha Stewart uses in her things, or the patchwork animals. I definitely love this theme, and will probably be using it whenever I am blessed with another little one!

What are your favorite kids' birthday party themes? Are they any that I have mentioned, or maybe some that I missed? I would love to have you comment and let me know what you think!

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My boyfriend's nephew had a pirates theme birthday (he turned 4). Very cool too!

I had a Harry potter themed party when I was younger!

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