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The best websites to procrastinate with are the ones that can capture and hold your attention for hours on end. Not that I support tons of procrastination, but sometimes you need a break from working or studying. These websites can give you a laugh, inspire your creativity, or even teach you something new. So take some time off and relax with these best websites to procrastinate with.

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Lookbook.nu One of the best websites to procrastinate with is lookbook.nu. Fashionistas from all across the world post pictures of their best outfits and accessories. I personally love seeing how people incorporate their culture in their outfits, no matter where they are from. It’s the perfect place to find fashion inspiration and see what trends are hot in other countries. And it really shows that fashion is a universal language across the globe.


Stumbleupon.com Stumbleupon.com is an awesome website because you can personalize your interests and find thousands of new and exciting websites. There is literally an endless amount of websites for you to visit. Which equals an endless amount of time spent procrastinating. And because you can personalize your interests, you can tailor the websites to be funny, creative, or even informational.



cuteroulette.com Because what better way to procrastinate than with pictures and videos of adorable animals? Cuteroulette.com is one the best websites to procrastinate with for its endless adorableness. People can post videos of their pets doing funny, weird, or just plan adorable things. Just try it once and you will be lost in hours of cute puppies and kittens. But be warned, you may end up saying "aw" at your desk one too many times.


PostSecret.com This is one of the best websites to procrastinate with because it gives you a glimpse into the lives of others. PostSecret.com is where people can anonymously post their deepest and darkest secrets. Some of them can be funny and some can be really inspiring and moving. Either way, you will have tons of awesome secrets to keep you occupied.



Sporcle.com Want to put your knowledge to the test? Well then Sporcle.com is one of the best websites to procrastinate with for you. It offers you an overwhelming amount of quizzes to take so you can test your knowledge about almost anything. I guarantee that you will spend hours on end taking quizzes on random things like “One-Word Movies” or “Famous TV Dogs.” Good luck with these brain busters.



Walltowatch.com This one is for the art enthusiasts out there. Walltowatch.com offers tons of creative articles on topics ranging from sports to photography to transportation. It will get your creative juices flowing and can really leave you feeling inspired with some of the artwork it displays. You are bound to find tons of interesting articles that will keep you entertained and procrastinating for hours on end.


AllWomenStalk.com So you obviously already know about this one if you are reading this article. But AllWomenStalk.com has tons upon tons of articles on every topic you could possibly imagine. My favorite thing about procrastinating on AllWomenStalk.com is that I can procrastinate but still be improving myself. With all the wonderful advice the writers have to offer, I am bound to leave the website learning something new that I can apply to my life. So keep searching through each topic to find more and more articles and enjoy this wonderful website.

What are your best websites to procrastinate with? What do you look for in a procrastination website? Did these make your “best websites to procrastinate with” list? What other things do you do to procrastinate?

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piiiinterest <3

I found myself continuously procrastinating in reading the rest of the article because of all the new sites I was "checking out"

don't forget reddit


9gag definitely!

Pinterest, tumblr, beautylish,

Tumblr should be on here. Same with pintrest.

That is so cute of the puppies

And tumblr :D

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