7 Great Websites to Visit Daily ...


7 Great Websites to Visit Daily ...
7 Great Websites to Visit Daily ...

Of all the websites out there, I have a fairly small handful of websites to visit daily that I keep coming back to. Some are for fun, some are for information, and some are for social networking, of course. The internet can be a crazy place, but it can also be a wonderful resource for many, many things. Check out my favorite websites to visit daily, and be sure to share yours with me!

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Huffington Post

Huffington Post The Huffington Post is one of my favorite websites to visit daily for just about anything I want to know. Huffington Post is the top online newspaper, and is so much more convenient and cheaper than buying a boring print newspaper, though I admit, I have a guilty pleasure for that too! Huffington Post is full of information from nationwide news, healthy living issues, controversial issues, personal blogs, women's issues, fashion, lifestyle issues and more. I like to browse this website for a few minutes each morning to catch up on the latest, and then move on about my day feeling just a bit smarter and on track with the world.



HootSuite If you love social networking, then let me introduce you to one of my favorite websites I visit daily. HootSuite is basically social media networking central. You can check all of your social network feeds in one place with HootSuite, all on the same page and even send out notifications to all your networks, all at once. I’ve never had a more fun, convenient way to schedule tweets, make posts on Facebook, or make a complete overall posting to all my social networks at one time, without having to visit each website separately. This site has tons of features that are far too many to mention here, so check out HootSuite and take the excess time and stress of social media away in the blink of an eye!



Pinterest I am absolutely in love with Pinterest, not just for killing time, but for finding great information and tips. I visit Pinterest every single day when I need a new exercise routine, cute clothing idea, fun recipe, decorating idea, or inspiring quote. I also love finding gift ideas on Pinterest, which comes in handy quite a good bit. Spending just ten minutes on this website each day can not only provide a little stress relief, but can also give you some pretty brilliant ideas. It's also a nice way to post things to a virtual dreamboard, to keep you on track with your goals.



YouTube YouTube is nothing new, but it is even more popular now more than ever, it seems. I go to YouTube daily, not to watch funny videos, but to find free workouts, new recipe ideas, cute make-up guides and more. While you’re indulging in your own YouTube obsession, be sure to visit the All Women Stalk channel too, where you’ll find great information on tons of different issues.



Google Google isn’t only the best search engine I’ve ever dealt with, but it’s also a very handy place to do many things all in one place. I can check my Gmail account, write a blog post with Blogger, and even check the news and weather. Plus, Google is my go-to place when I just have an odd question I need an answer to, which happens quite a bit!


All Women Stalk

All Women Stalk Surely you aren’t surprised this website is on my favorites list, right? I love visiting All Women Stalk each day to find helpful articles that not only educate me, but also enhance my life. With issues about everything from fashion, beauty, diet, travel, how-to guides, healthy living, lifestyle and more, All Women Stalk is a great website for females. Think of it like the perfect online magazine. Plus, we even have a free app!



MindBodyGreen This is one of the best websites I’ve come across in a long, long time. MindBodyGreen is my go-to website for natural living topics and more. The writers on this website are incredibly intelligent, and not afraid to discuss cliché topics, or controversial ones. I also love being inspired by many of the men and women on this website. This website is fresh, filled with good info, and generally just leaves you feeling good by reading it. Check it out!

Now that I shared with you my favorite places on the internet, I want to hear yours! Fill me in on where the web takes you every day in the comments section below.

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Mind body green is the best one on here :) and bing is wayyy better than google

I didn't know allwomenstalk had a YouTube channel! ...give me a second while i go subscribe.


Is it all women stalk or all women talk? Lol

I refresh the feed ,for new articles to read , all the time I have learnt a lot from all women stalk

Wanelo is my favorite


Go Fug Yourself, these ladies are witty and ruthless pertaining to celebrity fashion faux pas! So fun!

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