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Funny Websites are my favorite online time-waster... but I don't feel guilty. Laughter is a great stress reliever, right? And while there are loads of funny websites out there, a few make me laugh so hard I snort, so they're my very favorites. Which funny websites are truly the funniest? Keep reading! Here are 7 funny websites that will amuse you... and may even make you snort, too.

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LOLCATS icanhascheezburger.com

Is there anything cuter or funnier than aloof cats with terrible spelling and grammar? I think not. That's why LOLCATS is one of my all-time favorite funny websites. I confess I even have a folder on my desktop of the images I find funniest, so I can have a little giggle pick-me-up even when I'm not online.


Texts from Last Night

Texts from Last Night textsfromlastnight.com

I'm not sure why I find this site so funny, but it's downright hilarious. It's definitely R-rated, since nearly every message is related to drunkenness, sex, or drunken sex.


Damn You Auto Correct

Damn You Auto Correct damnyouautocorrect.com

Oh, technology. It's wonderful when it works, potentially embarrassing when it doesn't. If your phone's auto-correct function has ever tricked you into sending a messed up message, you're not alone... and while your text faux pas wasn't funny AT ALL, everyone else's are hilarious!


Totally Looks like

Totally Looks like totallylookslike.icanhascheezburger.com

This funny website tickles my funny bone even when I'm in the worst mood. The concept is simple: find a celeb who looks like someone, or something, else, and submit the two photos together. Some are spot on, some are weird, and all are funny.


People of Walmart

People of Walmart peopleofwalmart.com

We here in America value our lowest common denominator, and we love poking fun at them. This funny website encourages readers to send in photos of their trashy, weird, or simply hilarious fellow customers at Walmart. My recent favorite? Henry Rollins. Wearing reading glasses. On a chain. Around his neck.


Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos awkwardfamilyphotos.com

The name of this funny website really says it all. Readers submit their own horrifyingly awkward family photos for the rest for the world to enjoy, and scorn, and usually giggle at. Oh, it's awkward all right. VERY awkward. Wow.



FAIL Blog failblog.org

Not everything on this funny website is a fail. Some things are wins. Some are EPIC fails. All of them make you wonder a little... and nearly all of them make me laugh. Where else can you see all manner of messed up signs, products, and people? Only here. Bookmark this funny website now.

With so many funny websites to entertain and amuse you (and possibly make you snort), how will you ever get anything, like work, done? Practice self-control and limit yourself to an hour a day... except on weekends... or get very good at being sneaky and browsing these funny websites at work! Which of these funny websites do you like best, and why? Does it make you giggle or guffaw or snort? Or is there another funny website I have to include on my list? Do tell, quick, before your boss comes in!

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