7 Collective Nouns ...

By Neecey

7 Collective Nouns ...

I love words, and word-play, and I think that some of the our loyal AWS readers do, too! I recently came across an article that got me thinking of odd words, in particualr, collective nouns (like a "flock" to mean more than one goose). For today’s word lesson I’d like to share with you a few interesting collective nouns. Some of these are so funny!

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1 Parliament of Owls

As dignified and clever-looking as owls are, I'm not sure they'd necessarily want to be associated with Parliament (or, in the States, Congress or the Senate). But I like the way this collective noun sounds, don't you?

2 Prickle of Hedgehogs

Let me start off by saying how much I love hedgehogs! They're so adorable... I want one as a pet, but, as this collective noun implies, they're a bit... pokey. Maybe I'll settle for a plushie version instead.

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3 Sleaze of Weasels

Who doesn't know a sleaze, a scum-bag, a jerk? I've actually dated a few... at any rate, isn't this collective noun also completely appropriate? I feel bad for the kindly, polite, honest weasels.

4 Charm of Hummingbirds

My favorite time of year is when the hummingbirds come back to their bright red feeder in my front yard. They're tiny, but sweet, and definitely charming! That's why I think this collective noun is so perfect for them. They are charming, though I've never seen them together in a group.

5 Smack of Jellyfish

I love this one! A group of jellyfish really could be, should be, called a "smack." Every time I watch the jellyfish scene in "Finding Nemo," or any of the Jelly-fishing scenes from "SpongeBob," I think of this... I'll bet that make that sound when they sting you...

6 Lounge of Lizards

For no good reason at all, this one makes me think of Vince Vaughn in "Swingers," less of the little guy in "Rango." And, honestly, isn't this exactly what lizards do all day long? Another good collective noun would be a "scurry of lizards."

7 Rabble of Butterflies

This word is PERFECT for describing a group of butterflies... if you've ever seen a bunch of them, flitting about together, they do look like a rabble... that's the ideal word for them! not in a dangerous, rabble-rousing way, but it a fun riot of color and motion way!

As you’ve made your way down the list I’m sure you’ve been thinking that there are other collective nouns for the same animal as in this list. That’s very true. Some of these collective nouns are specific to countries or regions or even down to how a country uses the animal in cuisine or elsewhere in its culture. Some are pretty obviously fitting to the animals they describe whilst others of these collective nouns are just completely nonsensical - I mean, how can butterflies be a rabble? Some of these also lend themselves to you making other associations such as the weasels. A weasel is a great term to describe a sleazy person, right? There are dozens and dozens of great collective nouns. Which do you like best? Which made you laugh?

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