15 Unique College Party Ideas ...


After going to so many parties with the same overdone themes, I got to thinking about what some good and unique college party ideas would be. They are the themes that make you dress up and let you show off your creativity. Although there are tons of awesome college party ideas, here are few of my favorites. They are sure to make a memorable night filled with wacky costumes.

1. Thrift Shop

Out of many college party ideas, this one was inspired by the incredibly catchy song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. A Thrift Shop party is basically where everyone wears the weirdest and wackiest clothes they found down at a thrift shop. Anything from a giant fur coat, to mismatching sneakers, to a hideous sweater from the '80s; nothing is out of bounds. It is so much fun to see what insane outfits your friends can come up with.

College Movie Party
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