12 Cheap and Fun Things to do with Friends ...


12 Cheap and Fun Things to do with Friends ...
12 Cheap and Fun Things to do with Friends ...

Laughs come easy when you're with good people, but finding cheap and fun things to do with friends can sometimes be as difficult as solving the Rubik's cube. I have dug deep down, and gotten creative to bring to you all today 12 cheap and fun things to do with friends. I sure hope that your weekend plans can be re-arranged after being inspired by something I have listed today. Have fun and be sure to include your favorite ways to have fun with friends!

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Bike Riding

This can be the perfect opportunity to fit in some laughs while you exercise. Bikes can be easily rented, very afford-ably, if you don't own a duo wheeler. Spend the day on two wheels taking in the sights, or even going trail riding. Either way, city or forest, you're bound to have fun with friends while riding bikes. Don't forget your water and camera, one to help hydrate and the other to catch the picture when your friend has to make a pit stop to pee.


Vintage Shopping

I have only done this once, but it makes me giggle each and every time I pass the cast iron lamp in my home. Hit a local vintage shop and be inspired. Set the rules before you walk through the doors, find the BEST item in the store for under $5. Whomever makes the best purchase by the day's end wins. My friends and I walked out the doors with a bowling ball, a wedding dress and a cast iron lamp, minus the light and shade. Yes - just the lamp. You and your friends are bound to have fun with this shopping spree.


Tourist Fun

Who said you can't be a tourist in your own city? Gather all your besties, get your cameras, and your maps, it's time to learn a little more about your own cities. Hit the core of the town and start walking. You might be surprised at what you will learn, or better yet what shops and restaurants you will discover. There's nothing more fun than walking, talking and taking in what you normally walk right past. Being a tourist in your own city is no doubt one of those cheap and fun things to do with friends.


Pottery/Paint Studio

Feeling artsy today? Find a local pottery or painting studio and get your creative juices flowing with friends. Pull up a stool, find the perfect canvas and channel your inner Picasso. I love nothing more than getting crafty with friends, there's something comforting and magical about it. At the end of the day, once your pieces are created, have the studio owner number each piece secretly. Then place numbers in a hat and walk away with one of your friends' masterpieces for your home. Try not to forget your camera on this one as well, the fun with friends will never stop today, you'll want to remember it forever.



Baking with friends for me is like free therapy. No better way to spend a day with your BFFs than making a mess in the kitchen while eating cookie dough, and catching up on girly gossip. Don't forget to double or triple the batches you make so that everyone can have goodies to take home with them. That or so that it will make up for all the raw dough you consume.


Home Spa Party

Pampering yourself can be taxing on your bank account. However, women need a little body love, and therefore bringing the spa home is a fabulous way to not only spend time with friends but to be rejuvenated. Everyone bring over their favorite nail polishes, face masks and sweets. Make it an evening spent in with your favorite girls and some ridiculously cheesy romance movies.


Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of 10 interestingly silly items (there are great list ideas here), set an end location and time, create even groups, ensure everyone is equipped with a working camera and off you go! Spend the day running around town photographing all the things on your lists; whomever gets back with the most images... WINS. Spending time with friends has never been so fun. If I may suggest, choose the end location at a local eatery or coffee shop. Looking through the pictures over warm beverages will be the perfect cap to the day.


Fruit Picking

Depending on your location and the season, picking apples or berries is always fun with friends. Especially if you're the smallest in the group, expect your afternoon to be sky high when you're the best choice to be lifted up to reach the top of the trees. Pick enough for everyone, heaven forbid you spend the day of picking with only 1 apple each. Cheap and fun things to do with friends has never tasted so good.


Photographic Hike

Hiking can be a peaceful and relaxing thing to do alone, but brilliantly fun and exhilarating with friends. Find a local trail and dust off your hiking boots, pack a snack and camera, you're about to make some fun memories with friends. Spend the afternoon taking neat nature pictures, and at the same time you may even gain some new wall art for your home. Be sure to hike safely and let your family know what trail you're hiking, including the time you expect to be home.


Beach Bonfire

If you are as lucky as I am to live in a city that allows contained beach fires, then I say "do it"! Wait until the sun is almost down and have your friends gather at your favorite spot on the beach. Get your fire started and spend the evening relaxing around the fire. Want to be everyone's favorite person at the beach party? Pack a bag of marshmallows and sticks, watch everyone show their love for you then. Fun times with friends don't have to cost a fortune.


Games Night

Hit the hall closet you have forgotten about and dust off your favorite board games. Invite over your friends and let the smack talk begin. I absolutely love a competitive game of Monopoly, not sure if it's that fact of being able to blow crazy amounts of cash on real estate or that I can put up hotels on Baltic Avenue, either way I'm always in for a games night.



Tap into your inner Martha Stewart and spend the afternoon getting your hands covered in glitter with your favorite lady friends. Nothing like crushing on a $200 door wreath at Pottery Barn and recreating it in an afternoon for $15. Can I get an amen?! Definitely cheap and without a doubt fun, a DIY day is a must for your next gathering. Wanna see my front door wreath I speak of? Come see here!

A good time with your girls can now be done afford-ably. I have shared my 12 cheap and fun things to do with friends, but now I want to hear any ideas you have. Spending time with friends doesn't have to weigh heavy on your budget's bottom line. As long as you have your girls around, fun will follow. Don't you agree?

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