12 Cheap and Fun Things to do with Friends ...


Laughs come easy when you're with good people, but finding cheap and fun things to do with friends can sometimes be as difficult as solving the Rubik's cube. I have dug deep down, and gotten creative to bring to you all today 12 cheap and fun things to do with friends. I sure hope that your weekend plans can be re-arranged after being inspired by something I have listed today. Have fun and be sure to include your favorite ways to have fun with friends!

1. Bike Riding

This can be the perfect opportunity to fit in some laughs while you exercise. Bikes can be easily rented, very afford-ably, if you don't own a duo wheeler. Spend the day on two wheels taking in the sights, or even going trail riding. Either way, city or forest, you're bound to have fun with friends while riding bikes. Don't forget your water and camera, one to help hydrate and the other to catch the picture when your friend has to make a pit stop to pee.

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