7 Ideas for a Fun Night in with Friends ...


7 Ideas for a Fun Night in with Friends ...
7 Ideas for a Fun Night in with Friends ...

Sometimes you need to just chill, but it can be hard to think of ideas for a fun night in! Never fear, I have a bunch of awesome ideas for a fun night in! You can do something as simple as a movie marathon or you can turn a night out into a night in! Whether you’re looking for a quiet night or an exciting party idea, I guarantee there is something here for you to do on a night in with friends!

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Chick Flicks

This may be one of the most cliché ideas for a fun night in, but it’s definitely foolproof! Tell each of your friends to bring their favorite chick flick and wear her pajamas and you’ll have an easy, fun night in with your best friends! Sometimes you just need to relax with your best friends and a couple of chick flicks!


Books and Wine Club

If you’re not already in a book club, start one and make it a night in! If you are not in a wine club, you should absolutely join one. To see which are the best wine clubs out there, go to https://bestwineclub.com. Pick a book to read, open some wine (if you’re of age, of course!), and have a blast! Chances are you’ll spend about five minutes talking about the book and hours gossiping with your besties, but you will undoubtedly have a great night in with your friends!


Cook Together

Warning! Cooking with your friends can lead to total destruction of your kitchen. If you don’t want to spend hours cleaning your kitchen, see if one of your friends will relinquish her kitchen to let all of you come and cook together! No matter who offers up her kitchen, you will definitely have so much fun cooking or baking with your best friends!


Host a Dinner Party

If you prefer to be the only person in the kitchen, host a dinner party for all of your friends! Good conversation will surely be had and you’ll have a great opportunity to catch up with friends you don’t get to see very often! If you’re not one to cook, you can order takeout, or go the pricier route by hiring someone to cook for you all. No matter which route you go, it will definitely be a night to remember!


Spa Night

You would be surprised how many spa companies will bring a complete spa party to your home! There are tons to choose from, and the price range differs as well. If you’re looking to make the night as close to free as possible, do your own facials, manicures, and pedicures. A night in with your girlfriends is automatically made better with a few relaxing spa treatments!


Go Dancing from Home

You may feel dumb for doing this, but you shouldn’t! Have your friends over for some dancing in the comfort of your own home! All you need is space to dance and an iPhone! There are so many DJ apps that make this so much easier! Let your iPhone do all of the work and have fun dancing with your girls without the annoying crowds you’d encounter at a club!


Childhood Regression Night

Have a night in where you revisit your childhood with your best friends. Some of your best friends may have also been your best friends in your childhood, which makes this even more fun! Dress like you would’ve during your childhood, listen to the music you listened to back then, and watch your favorite movies and TV shows from that time. Nostalgia is always a good idea.

Have you tried any of these ideas for a fun night in? What do you do on a night in? Let me know in the comments!

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