7 Awesome Ways to Have Fun with Your Friends when You're Totally Broke ...


7 Awesome Ways to Have Fun with Your Friends when You're Totally Broke ...
7 Awesome Ways to Have Fun with Your Friends when You're Totally Broke ...

Times are tight, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to have fun with your friends that don’t cost much, or anything at all. Hanging out with friends is a great way to relieve the stress that goes with financial woes because it gives you something fun to look forward to and enjoy. Fortunately, you don’t have to break out your pocketbook to benefit from the many ways to have fun with your friends that are cheap or free!

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Have a Potluck

True, food isn’t free, but you have to feed yourself anyway, so plan a night to invite friends to bring something to share and fill up on a plateful of everyone’s favorites. Home cooking is much cheaper than restaurant food and it’s usually healthier too, so you can still share a meal with friends even if you’re broke. This is one of the easiest ways to have fun with your friends and it gives you the chance to eat delicious food and catch up in the comfort of your own living room.


Host Game Night

Remember how much fun you used to have playing board games at sleepovers when you were a kid? Bring back the enjoyment by inviting your friends over for a night of playing all the board games from your youth. Ask each person to bring their favorite game and play them all. You’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll all have and you won’t have to spend a dime.


Movie Night

If going to the movies is something you and your friends love doing, change things up by having movie night at home. Rent a movie from the library for free and put out some snacks to enjoy while watching. The best part: you can wear your pajamas and stop the movie for bathroom breaks anytime you want to!


Go Bowling

This one isn’t completely free, but many bowling alleys offer games and shoe rental for under $10. It’s a fun new way to spend an hour with friends while still getting out of the house. If you’ve never been bowling with your friends, you’re in for a real treat. Think healthy competition and lots of laughs over the ugly bowling shoes.


Wine Tastings

You’ll need to do a bit of research, but many restaurants host free wine tastings. For no money, you can sample new and interesting flavors and maybe even load up on free appetizers too. This is a great option if you enjoy dressing up and hitting the town with your friends, but you don’t have any money to spend.


Take a Class

Many recreation centers or similar places offer free or very cheap classes. You can spend time learning something new with friends, which is a great way to create new memories and strengthen your bond. Look for dance lessons, cooking classes or art instruction. You’ll have so much fun, it’ll feel like you just paid big bucks!


Go for Dessert

A full dinner out with appetizers, drinks and desserts can add up very quickly. If you want to save money, consider having drinks and a meal at home, then meeting up with friends and sharing dessert afterward. This allows you to indulge in something yummy, without having to come up with the cash for an entire spread. Try the potluck at home, then move to a local restaurant and savor a delicious and decadent end to your meal before heading back home, full and happy.

What’s your favorite free or cheap way to hang out with your friends? Do they feel the same way?

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this article isn't very good. when you have absolutely no money to spend on entertainment then why not go to a park or something? there are some museums that are completely free as well.

Not to be picky...well, yes, to be picky, if you are "totally broke" how could you pay anything to go bowling? Bowling can be a fun and different thing to do, but it's not free..potluck, game night, movie night, wine tasting certainly fit the bill, but most actual classes have some cost associated with them, and unless some place has started giving away ice cream and cake, so does dessert...if you host a potluck, then why not host a dessert party using the same concept? Also, almost all libraries offer free events: book reading, lectures, book signings, movies and music...just out of curiosity, how many of you have been "totally broke" in the last 5 years? Allow me to say that when you have nothing, the last thing on your mind is finding ways to amuse yourself: usually all of your friends have abandoned you; everybody is afraid you are going to ask them for money or some other commodity, like time, or compassion or empathy; you become needy...because you are...my apologies to the author of this post, this is not what you had in mind, but perhaps "totally broke" could be replace with "low on cash" or " down to the change in your purse" or "reduced to raiding the piggy bank or change jar"...just a sad dose of reality

I agree

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