7 Ideas for School Spirit Days to Raise the Mood ...


7 Ideas for School Spirit Days to Raise the Mood ...
7 Ideas for School Spirit Days to Raise the Mood ...

Oftentimes school can become a lot more fun when you have great ideas for school spirit days. They can lift the mood and promote school spirit that is often lacking in big educational environments. From experience I can say that large schools often lack in exciting events and celebrations, but one thing that they do have is spirit week. So if you have a say in your school’s student body government and want to raise the spirit, here are 7 ideas for school spirit days.

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Twin Day

One of the most popular ideas for school spirit days is twin day. It is a great way to get everyone to participate because every student is eager to get a twin. All students have to do is pair up and dress alike! It’s simple and easy. Every year more and more people decide to participate, and every year it gets more interesting to see what the students come up with.


Jersey Day

Jersey Day is another great way to get everyone involved by spreading the love for a sports team. Everyone can come to school wearing a jersey and show support for their favorite team. However, it doesn’t have to be a real sports team, students can also come in wearing their school team jerseys!


Superhero Shirt Day

One of the newest spirit days that was implemented in my school this year was a Superhero Shirt Day. A good majority of students came in wearing shirts that had logos of their favorite superhero and it became one of the most popular spirit days that we had. Shirts were often great conversation starters and people were able to capture the memories by taking photos.


Pajama Day

It has always been my dream to just get up from bed and go to school without changing. However, the fact that I would get a lot of weird looks often stopped me, but the Pajama Day changes everything! Not only do you get the chance to just go to school in what you have slept in, most of the school is doing the same thing as you so you won’t feel out of place. It’s a win-win situation!


Crazy Hair Day

If you usually spend hours on your hair before going to school, you will appreciate this spirit day because you will have an excuse for messy hair. While you can say that you purposely went for the crazy hair look, you don’t have to do anything aside from just getting up from bed!


Christmas Sweater Day

With Christmas just around the corner, people are definitely whipping out their Christmas gear! Therefore, why not take advantage of this opportunity and make everyone come to school in their most embarrassing Christmas sweaters?! Everyone will get a laugh out of it and there will be more Christmas spirit in the air.


Decade Day

Feel like you have been born in the wrong decade? Don’t worry, this is your chance to experience what it would be like to be born in any decade you would like by dressing up as if you are from that time period. So whether you want to wear overalls and a plaid shirt or get on your flapper attire, it is all up to you!

School can get daunting and boring at times, but students themselves can take action and add to the school spirit. After all, everything comes from the students and what students want often goes. What are some of your ideas for school spirit day? Share in the comments!

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We had a twins day and wore the same clothes it was awesome!!

Oh,I wish we had Superhero day when I was in high school! We had most of these though!

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