7 Fun Ideas for Winter Evenings with Friends ...


Do you need some fun ideas for winter evenings with friends? Perhaps you're bored with going to bars, or don't fancy going out in the cold? Having friends round is always enjoyable. The weather may be dull, but there are plenty of fun ways to spend a winter evening. Try these fun ideas for winter evenings with your friends …

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Board Games

One of the fun ideas for winter evenings we all enjoy is to get out the board games. However old you get, everyone loves the old family favorites that we used to play. The fact that you can still buy games like Monopoly and Clue confirms their popularity. Or there are lots of new board games if you fancy trying something different.


Craft Evening

Organise a craft evening with your friends. You could work on something together, like a piece of art, or help each other make clothes. Or everyone could bring their knitting, sewing or artwork (pottery or metalwork probably won't be practical!). If the evening proves popular you could make it a regular meeting - craft clubs are becoming really trendy.


Bad Movie Night

There's nothing that's as much fun as a Bad Movie Night with your friends. Pick a couple of cheesy but entertaining movies and grab the popcorn. If you need some ideas for the movie menu, look at my suggestions in


Pamper Evening

A pamper evening is a lovely way to spend a winter evening with friends. If any of you have skills such as beauty treatments or head massage, you could trade treatments with each other. Or you can kick back with some music or a movie, and give yourselves pampering facials. So turn up the heating, and grab your face masks and moisturisers.


Pot Luck Supper

Have you ever tried a pot luck supper? The beauty of this idea is that it takes the pressure off one person to do all the catering. Everybody brings some dishes to share (make sure that you know of any dietary requirements that the others have). It usually works out pretty well, and you end up with a good mix of dishes (rather than seven salads and a baguette).


Clothes Swap

You probably have a wardrobe bulging with clothes you don't wear, and your friends will as well. Why not have an early spring clean of your collective wardrobes? The easiest way is to give points for each piece brought to the swap, and then each person can 'spend' their points accumulated. There are lots of websites giving tips on organising a swap.



Finally, if any brave souls want to volunteer for a makeover, this can be a very productive way of spending a winter evening. We all need a new look from time to time! You could also have fun styling your friends as you'd like to see them, or go for a totally over the top makeover, with a theme such as celebrities, a decade, or a career.

Winter evenings can seem long, cold and boring, but not if you try some of these ideas with your friends. Be imaginative, and you will have a great evening. So the next time someone suggests going to a bar … again … put forward one of these ideas instead. Or come up with something of your own! What is your favorite way of spending an evening with friends?

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