7 Fun Activities to Put on Your Spring Bucket List ...


Do you have a spring bucket list? I am a dedicated list maker and list lover so this is right up my alley. I love to sit and dream of spring even before it gets here and think about all the things I want to do when warm weather and sunshine finally arrive. Let me share some things I love to do to put on your own spring bucket list this year.

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Plant Flowers

Planting flowers is at the top of my spring bucket list. Actually, if I am honest, it would be more correct to say that I enjoy choosing flowers for my husband to plant. But regardless, nothing lifts my spirit like seeing flowers cheering up my recently dreary yard. It just makes me happy every time I come home and see new flowers peeking up at me. It reminds me that winter is gone again, which is always a nice thing.


Enjoy a Picnic

There are several lovely things about picnics. One, they give you a great opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy the pretty weather. Two, they are very economical to enjoy. Three, they are enjoyable for all ages.


Visit a Botanical Garden

This is something that I have never gotten to do but really would love to. I think it would be wonderful to enjoy a day of strolling through beautiful flower gardens and soaking up their beauty. It is also a perfect opportunity for indulging in photography. This is something that I am going to be sure to add to my own personal spring bucket list this year. If you are not sure where a botanical garden is located, you can always Google it to see where one is that is close to you.


Soak up the Sun

I personally just love to sit and soak up the sun in the spring. After several months spent indoors peering out at the grey, dreary skies, I am happy to just sit and enjoy the brightness. I think sunshine makes everyone feel better. I know it does me. It always ups my happiness quotient if I can just have a few minutes to sit and soak up the sunshine.


Take a Walk

It is wonderful to get to be outdoors and enjoy looking at everything coming to life again. I love to hear the birds sing in the mornings when spring returns. Taking a walk is the perfect way to do both. It also is a great way to get my daily exercise in without exercising indoors. This is great motivation.


Grill Some Burgers

After a winter of soups and stews, I am always craving a good burger by the time spring arrives. You just cannot capture that unique taste when you fry burgers on the stove. To me, seeing the grill adorn the deck once again means spring has sprung. And there is nothing quite as good as your first burger from the grill each year. Spring means it is time to stock up on all the foods we love to grill and just enjoy.


Watch the Stars Come out

You don’t have to enjoy spring only during the day time hours. Why not sit out on your patio and watch the stars come out? This is a great thing to do after you put your little ones to bed or when you're out on a date from a park bench somewhere. Enjoy a cup of coffee or another favorite beverage while you enjoy nature’s show. This also makes a good opportunity to snuggle and talk with the one you love.

There are so many things that you can put on your spring bucket list. What are you looking forward to enjoying this spring? I would love to hear from you!

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