7 Exciting Things about Spring That You Can Start Looking Forward to ...

There are so many exciting things about spring and now is the time to start looking forward to warmer weather, fresh air and flowers starting to emerge from the ground. I absolutely love spring because it means summer is on the way and winter is leaving. As it approaches, all the exciting things about spring make each day enjoyable as I prepare for one of the best seasons of the year. Get yourself in the mood by browsing through my list.

1. Flip-Flops

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Flip-flops are my favorite type of footwear, so one of the most exciting things about spring is breaking out my cache of them. I have flip-flops in lots of colors, so I have to go through them all and make sure I have the options I need to match all my spring and summer clothes. If I need more I just head to Old Navy or Target, where I can usually stock up for just a couple of dollars per pair. Good-bye socks and hello painted toenails!

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