Adult Only Games like Cards against Humanity That Will Make Any Party a Blast ...


Adult Only Games like Cards against Humanity That Will Make Any Party a Blast ...
Adult Only Games like Cards against Humanity That Will Make Any Party a Blast ...

When you hear the phrase “adult-only” about a game, what comes to mind? When I started writing this, the first game that came to mind was Cards Against Humanity and then I started to wonder what other **games like Cards Against Humanity **were out there for the adult only crowd, because let's face it-as much as we like to share with our families, sometimes the grownups need something that is just for them. To that end, here are some really interesting adult-only card and board games.

A word of warning: these games are very blatant and could be offensive to some people. You definitely don't want to play them with your grandma or parish priest in the room. In case you're interested, I've included a link with more information and buying options.

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Cards against Humanity

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You know a game isn't for kids when the tagline is “the game for horrible people”. It's basically a much-dirtier version of “Apples to Apples”-the judge turns over a subject card and the others play the card from their hand they think best matches it. We usually just pick the one that makes us laugh the most, but that's up to you. The instructions say that “the person who pooped last” is the one who should judge first, but I doubt anyone actually does that; we just pick someone. I could do without the cards about God and Jesus, but the others are hilarious. It gets really weird, really quickly. There are a lot of expansion packs you can buy, as well as “unofficial” ones like Crabs Adjust Humidity.


Never Have I Ever


This is a “board” version of a drinking game we played in college. You draw a card and read a “Never Have I Ever” statement out loud. If you've done it, you take a drink. If not, you move one space forward. The statements are mostly silly things like, “Never Have I Ever dated my sister's ex.” or “Never Have I Ever danced naked on a coffee table.” Occasionally you might find something like “Never Have I Ever played an extra in a porn movie”, but I seriously doubt anyone you know will say “yes” to that one. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins. You can find a crazier, less alcohol-related version here:


Loaded Questions-Adult Version


Just like the original “Loaded Questions”, the idea of this game is to move forward on the board by reading a question and guessing which player wrote which answer. The difference here is that the prompts are a lot more, um, suggestive in nature. This game like Cards Against Humanity is definitely not meant for kids to be playing. They're mostly weird personal questions (“Would you ever pose nude if you were offered a million dollars?” “Which celebrity would you perform oral sex on?”), but there are also some general sex and drinking questions too. Either way, you'll laugh your ass off for hours.


Mobscenity-the Totally Bleeped up Party Game


This game is similar to Balderdash in that you make up definitions for random words in the hopes of fooling the other players. The words themselves are innocent enough-”Boston”, “Cool Whip”, “finger”, “poke”, etc. The first player draws two cards to create a term for the other players to define and use in a sentence. She'll collect the answers, pick her favorite one (aim for “style points” here!) and that person gets a point. Again, it's really as dirty or as clean as you make it.


Mobscenity is an adult-only party game that is similar to Balderdash. Players create definitions for random words and try to fool the other players. The words are innocent, such as "Boston", "Cool Whip", "finger" and "poke". The first player draws two cards to create a term and the other players must define it and use it in a sentence. The player who creates the best definition gets a point. The game can be as clean or as dirty as the players make it, making it the perfect game for any adult party.


Dirty Minds

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This one got mixed reviews on Amazon, but I'm including it because a) I had so much fun with it at a party, and b) a lot depends on who you're playing it with. Like the description says, you give dirty-sounding clues to get your friends to guess completely-clean words. For example:
-I'm sweet and melt in your mouth
-Leave me out too long and I'll go soft
-You might find some lipstick on my stick after you're done
It's a Popsicle. Had you going, didn't I? It just gets funnier from here.


Sobriety Test

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Despite the name, you don't necessarily have to drink to enjoy this game. It's from the creators of the “Cranium games”, so the idea is to perform various tasks as the game goes on to see who can hold it together the longest. For instance, can you say the alphabet backwards? Can you balance a baton on your face and walk across the room? Can you sing the theme song to “Family Guy” in a Southern accent? I certainly couldn't. Drunk or not, this is an insanely fun game. Less dirty than others, this makes the list of games like Cards Against Humanity because it's perfect for adults-especially when alcohol is involved...



This is a really good “girl's night in” game for people who like games like Loaded Questions and Balderdash. The first player reads a question from a card-usually something like, “What's the worst thing you've ever done on a first date?”. The other players write their answers and hand them to the reader. After she picks her favorite one and reads it out, the other players try to guess which one among them wrote the “winning” answer. The idea is to keep people from guessing you, so make your answers as outrageous and silly as possible! Either way, it's a good laugh.

These are some of the more entertaining board games for adults I've heard about but certainly not all of them. It's not that card or board games have to be “dirty” to be good for adults so much as that there is usually a sense of humor to them that you just don't see in kids' games. What do you think? Which games like Cards Against Humanity are your favorites? I haven't played all of these games but they sure seem fun! Are there any other adult-only board and card games you can recommend? If you play the drinking games, do so responsibly and never drive drunk.

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Would you rather the adult version.

Never have I ever is actually just part of a drinking game, called up the river, cards against humanity is great, I had to go get expansion packs we played so much lol

Never have I ever: adjusted it could be used with kids or groups. Put some chairs in a circle with one person in the middle. The person in the middle says a phrase and everyone who that applies to switches seats.

"Cards Against Humanity" is sooooo wrong and SOOOOOO good! I laughed so hard when I first played it with friends.

I love love the game of things. Can be played innocently with children or the raunchy way at girls brunch and family reunions!!

Oh, I know, Sturdi! Rowan, what's The Game of Things? Kim, I've never heard of that, that seems fun. I've played "drinking games" using something gross like pickle juice in the place of alcohol, but yours sounds like something you could play with a larger group.

The Game of Things

I didn't realize there was a House of Cards pack for CAH...that's awesome because the show is really, really good. If you have Netflix, watch it. It's an original series.

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