7 House Party Games for a Wild Night with Friends ...

If you've gathered all your buddies together for a party, you have to make sure it's one they'll remember for years to come. If it's a dud, you'll never hear the end of it. That's why you need to have a bunch of games ready to keep you entertained well into the morning. Here are a few of the best house party games for a wild night with friends:

1. Quarters - Ice Tray Edition

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All you need for this game is an ice tray and a few quarters. You and your buddies will take turns shooting quarters into the tray, and the place where you land determines what you have to do. If it lands on the left, you give away drinks. If it lands on the right, you take a drink. The further back the quarter lands, the more drinks are required. Of course, if you're too young for alcohol, you can replace those drinks with pieces of candy or something else equally delicious.

2. Flip, Sip, or Strip

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This is a great game for when you want things to get wild--and all you need is a quarter! Flip it, call it, and if you're right, it's the next person's turn. But if you're wrong, you have to decide between taking a sip of alcohol (or hot sauce if you're underage) or taking off an item of clothing (remember that jewelry counts).

3. Jenga

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If you have the game Jenga and a Sharpie, you can create any crazy rules that you'd like. If you're drinking, write down how much to sip on each Jenga block. If you're with children, you can write charades to act out on each block. It all depends on what kind of party you're throwing.

4. Pass the Orange

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You can play this game with an orange, apple, or anything else that's easy to bite into. All you have to do is put the fruit between your chin and neck, and try to pass it to the person to your left. If you want things to get a little more sexual, then you can use your mouths to pass the food around instead.

5. Dancing Chain

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Stand in a line and get ready to dance. The first person busts a move like shaking their hips. The next person has to shake their hips, then do a new move. The person after that has to copy the first person, then the second, and so on. If nothing else, it'll give everyone watching a good laugh.

6. Freeze Dance

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Here's another dancing game, and no it's not just for kids! Even though you probably haven't played it since you were a child, it's exciting when people have a few drinks in them. They'll be less likely to pay attention, so you'll get out more people than you'd think.

7. Guessing Game

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Write out a bunch of different celebrity names on different pieces of paper. Now tape them to everyone's forehead or back and let them mingle. Whoever is able to guess whom they are first is the winner. If you guess wrong you have to take a drink, do an embarrassing dance, or some other type of awkward punishment.

A house party isn't complete without a few games to keep the fun going. What other party games do you love to play with your pals?

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