7 of the Greatest Classic Board Games to Play Adult Style ...


7 of the Greatest Classic Board Games to Play Adult Style ...
7 of the Greatest Classic Board Games to Play Adult Style ...

Wherever I go, my classic board games go. As I have gotten older, I see that the old time games that I played as a child have gotten more sophisticated and dirtier - no surprise there. Whether it be inappropriate positioning during Twister or long, complicated words being used during a game of Scrabble, I see that with age comes a new meaning of “classic board games.” Of course there will be the games that never change and will always be the traditional board games we know and love, but as we get older and our minds begin to mold classic board games become not-so-classic!

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Battleship It’s a battlefield, so you are going to get yourself in just a little trouble. All in all, I wouldn’t mind if Leonardo DiCaprio sunk my battleship. Battleship is fun but edgy and reasonable but ambitious. This is the type of game that can be played during a cup of coffee with a friend or a significant other, but play with caution because it does get quite intense when it comes to sinking the other player’s ships. You never know a person until playing a board game with them - that’s my motto. Battleship is one of the top classic board games available so get your combat groove on.


A game of Battleship involves not just luck but a healthy dose of strategy. Players get into the role of naval commanders, stealthily plotting to torpedo their opponent's fleet. While each successful hit brings a surge of adrenaline, every miss increases the suspense. It's the perfect balance of tension and excitement - a mental duel that can turn allies into rivals with the call of grid coordinates. Whether it's a battle of wits or simply a war of patience, Battleship demands your full engagement. And when you finally declare, "You sunk my battleship!" the thrill of victory is absolutely electric.



Twister Do I even have to explain? The innocent “game that ties you up in knots” is definitely not so innocent. The older you get, the more careful you have to be with the rules that you make and the spins that you take. Due to the scarcity of colored circles, you’ll often be put into precarious, silly positions. Although having a girls night is always fun, throwing guys into the mix of your Twister game night will definitely spice things up. There are no limits to which positions you may end up in so be aware!



Monopoly I have noticed that the older I get, the more competitive the people around me become. Whether it be with money, with jobs, with something as ridiculous as having the newest shoe, competition has risen. If you and your friends are looking for a competitive, sophisticated type game night, go for Monopoly and instead of playing with the tiny Monopoly bills, break out the real dollar bills. It makes the game much more exciting and competitive. Be careful of the banker! He or she may walk away with all of the money before the game even starts - totally kidding. Who knows, you may end up hitting the jack pot!


Monopoly elevates the tension and stakes as friends wheel and deal their way to real estate domination. House rules come into play, sparking debates and strategies; perhaps collecting $400 for landing on 'Go', or banning deals that include immunity. Make it a ritzy affair—serve cocktails, play some jazz, and dress up as the tycoons of old. Just don't let the competitive spirit turn into real feuds; remember, it’s all about having fun and perhaps, showing off a bit of your shrewd business acumen. Who knows, maybe this’ll be your lucky break into Millionaire's Club!



Operation If you want to test your fine motor skills, Operation is the game to do it. Although there are standard rules and regulations such as keeping your elbows off the table, making it more difficult to “operate,” you can make your own set of rules and regulations. If wanting to play a little dirty, every time its your turn to operate, the body part you operate on you must remove a piece of clothing - very risqué. If wanting to play with a group of girlfriends, try partnering up and working together to remove the pieces. Having two people try to operate at once makes it much more difficult especially if one partner is not so coordinated.



Scrabble Stating the obvious, the older we get the more we learn and know, the bigger the words get, and the longer the sentences are. Playing Scrabble indoors on a rainy day or bringing it on a beach trip with some pals is always a fun, go-to game. You can make it themed based, such as names of fashion designers or food dishes; you can make it erotic and seductive, which, let’s be honest here, who doesn’t like a stimulating, exciting game; or you can play an advanced version and make it a rule to only use rare, uncommon words. Pick and choose letters and start getting the mind going!



Sorry! This is the perfect game for a double date. Since the game is for 2-4 players, you and your date can technically verse the other couple. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get all four of his or her color utensils from his or her Start location to his or her home space. Working together with your partner will bring you closer together and you cheering on your man is such a turn on to him. This one of those games that you can work together with your special somebody so buddy up.


Playing board games is a great way to have fun with your significant other. One of the best classic board games for a double date is Sorry!. This game is designed for two to four players, so it’s perfect for couples. The objective of the game is to be the first player to get all four of their color pieces from their Start location to their Home space. Working together as a team is a great way to build a connection with your partner, and it can also be a turn-on to watch your partner do well.

The game is easy to learn, so it’s great for players of any age or experience. It’s also fast-paced and exciting, so it’s great for couples who want to have a fun night without spending too much time on a game. The game pieces are also colorful and fun, which adds to the overall atmosphere of the game.



Trouble “There’s trouble… in the bubble!” I must admit, the best part of this game is the Pop-O-Matic dice roller. It may seem like a funny concept, but that is really what makes Trouble such a fun game. It intensifies the suspense especially as you get older. When I was younger, I thought it was fun just pressing the dice roller whether I was actually playing the game or not, but the older and more competitive my friends and I got, the greater the excitement. This is a perfect game to have and keep in your game drawer.

“Sorry!” if I have taken the innocence out of classic board games for you. Although as time progresses and fast-forwards so does technology and well, there goes the classic board games. I love taking advantage of actually using my brain and body while gaming instead of staring at a computer screen. Shut off all of your devices, invite a few friends over, have a casual drink, and break out the board games. No matter which game you choose, it may be Monopoly or it may be Trouble, it is guaranteed that you will have a ton of fun and a bunch of laughs. Which game are you daring to try with your group of friends?

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Not monopoly !!! Too competitive. It really takes the fun out of it. My hubby gets worked up every time. Lol

Yay!!! Scrabble, Operation and Trouble are my young games!!

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