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7 Benefits of Having an E-Reader That'll Make You Consider Buying One ...

By Megan

While I’ll never completely stray away from purchasing physical books, there are many benefits of having an E-Reader. Two years ago I received an E-Reader as a Christmas gift and I immediately fell in love with it. Here was a device that was solely customized to store my favourite thing: books. As an avid reader who makes countless trips to the bookstore and library, I’ve found that having an E-Reader has truly been a great investment. Here are seven benefits of having an E-Reader that will make you consider buying one.

1 Takes up Less Space than Physical Books

The first of my benefits of having an E-Reader is that it takes up less space than physical books would in your home. An E-Reader is a small mobile device that stores thousands (and sometimes more, depending on the device’s GB of built-in memory) of E-books in one place. Granted, there is a certain homey feeling of having bookshelf upon bookshelf of reading material in your living space, but eventually you might find that you’ve run out of room for all your beloved literature. This is where the E-Reader comes in. If you’re looking to create less clutter in your tiny apartment, or your small bedroom, then the E-Reader would be a good thing to look into.

2 Provides Privacy

Let’s get straight to the point. There are books out there that are just plain embarrassing to read in public. Sure, I’ve seen women (and men) read Fifty Shades of Grey on the bus. And good for them, right? But everyone is different, and some might not feel as comfortable broadcasting their book choice to the world. No matter which brand you choose, all E-Readers have plain, generic outer casings. This provides you with the ability to read whatever you’d like without having to feel self-conscious about your book choice or who’s looking at the cover of you book.


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3 Easy to Travel with

Are you an avid traveller who enjoys reading? Are you torn between which books to bring on your trip and which to leave behind? Since an E-Reader is so small, it can easily fit inside your luggage or purse without a problem. So you can bring your entire library with you wherever you go. Just don’t forget to pack your charger!

4 Purchase New Books Easily and Start Reading Immediately

Having an E-Reader provides you with the ability to purchase books either online (on the respective brand’s public domain), or on the E-Reader itself. You have the convenience of attaining new reading material whenever you’d like and wherever you are – all you need is the internet and your credit card. Once you’ve checked out, your new book is automatically synced to your device, granting you access to start reading immediately. This is a great feature for the trilogy/series lovers out there who can’t wait to get their hands on the next installment.

5 Able to Make Annotations

If you’re the type of person who likes to make notes, or dog-ear pages, or highlight certain words or phrases in physical books, then have no fear because E-Readers grant you the ability to do all of those things. It’s a perfect feature for students who need to make notes for tests. Or are you the type to feel guilty about writing in a book? As a little kid I always thought someone would lock me up in «Book Jail» if I wrote in a book. With an E-Reader, you no longer have to worry. After all, it’s just an E-book, and E-Readers let you erase your notes whenever you’d like.

6 Free Books and Promo Codes/Coupons

With a purchase of an E-Reader, you automatically have access to a list of free books. Depending on which brand you go with, the categories may include: classics, gothic reads, mysteries, romance, and books on film. With my E-Reader, I received over one hundred free E-Books. Of course, there will always be books you wish to obtain that are not free. One way to save money on those books is to use promo codes/coupons. You just have to watch for ads and promotions online every week or so.

7 Suggests Other Books You Might Enjoy

While a synopsis of a book can be insightful and helpful, the description might not contain enough information to persuade you to buy it. There is always the possibility that you might not like the book, and no one likes to waste money. An E-Reader suggests books that you might enjoy based on your purchasing history. So if you’ve read an E-Book that you thoroughly enjoyed, you can search other books that are similar to it and choose to purchase those as well. Using this feature, you can make an informed decision on which books to purchase next.

These are just a few benefits of having an E-Reader. Receiving an E-Reader for Christmas has been the best gift I've ever gotten. I use it a lot, and would definitely recommend it to others. Do you have an E-Reader? If so, what do you enjoy most about it? Are there any other benefits to having an E-Reader?

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