Hark! How to Celebrate New Year's Eve with a Real Bang ...

Whatever ways to celebrate New Year's Eve you hit upon, there's a need for glitter and glam and sparkle and everything that shimmers. It's the one night of the year a surfeit of sequins and a glut of glitter is not just desirable, it is de rigeur. Whether you're staying at home with the family, going out on the town or attending a party, there are so many ways to celebrate New Year's Eve and some things you need to do it with a bang.


1. Pick a Stunning Outfit

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Ignore all the other ways to celebrate New Year's Eve if you like, but you must look awesome. Whether you choose sexy sparkles or glamorous glitter, go all out and wear something like you've never worn it before. And if you want to buy a fabulous frock you're only going to wear once - just do it!

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