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Hark How to Celebrate New Years Eve with a Real Bang ...

By Neecey

Whatever ways to celebrate New Year's Eve you hit upon, there's a need for glitter and glam and sparkle and everything that shimmers. It's the one night of the year a surfeit of sequins and a glut of glitter is not just desirable, it is de rigeur. Whether you're staying at home with the family, going out on the town or attending a party, there are so many ways to celebrate New Year's Eve and some things you need to do it with a bang.


Table of contents:

  1. Pick a stunning outfit
  2. Sparkling eyes
  3. Kissable pout
  4. Nails
  5. Decorations
  6. Diy decorations
  7. Balloons
  8. Makeover the christmas tree
  9. Intimate settings
  10. New year's eve party printables
  11. New year's eve food ideas
  12. Champagne
  13. Champagne jello shots
  14. Yummy party punches
  15. Glow bracelets!
  16. Fortune cookies
  17. New year's eve photo booth
  18. Resolution photo booth
  19. New year's eve party games
  20. Set the clocks to chime
  21. Diy countdown
  22. See the fireworks in sydney
  23. Hear the big ben chimes in london
  24. See the ball drop in times square, new york
  25. Sparklers
  26. Party poppers
  27. Party horns
  28. Confetti balloon
  29. Balloon drop
  30. Auld lang syne
  31. Midnight kisses!
  32. Someone to share it with
  33. Wishing wand
  34. And above all remember ...

1 Pick a Stunning Outfit

Ignore all the other ways to celebrate New Year's Eve if you like, but you must look awesome. Whether you choose sexy sparkles or glamorous glitter, go all out and wear something like you've never worn it before. And if you want to buy a fabulous frock you're only going to wear once - just do it!

2 Sparkling Eyes

Now is the time to try that glitter eye shadow you've had your eye on all year.

3 Kissable Pout

Make sure your lipstick is going to withstand all those midnight kisses.

4 Nails

Your nails should be primped for partying too.


5 Decorations

If you're throwing a house party, the house needs dressing up.

6 DIY Decorations

Source: DIY Happy New Year Garland
So many ideas are around for easy ways to decorate your house for New Year's Eve.

7 Balloons

Source: all gold everything
And you can always rely on balloons to add to the festive atmosphere.

8 Makeover the Christmas Tree

Strip the Christmas Tree down to white lights and transform it into a New Year's Eve Tree complete with hats and party horns.

9 Intimate Settings

You can still make a fabulous statement even if you're throwing a small get together.

10 New Year's Eve Party Printables

Source: New Years Eve Party Ideas ...
Check online for a multitude of printables to help with the decor.


11 New Year's Eve Food Ideas

Don't be stumped for food ideas. Check out All Women Stalk: Food, Pinterest and Google.

12 Champagne

Nothing says celebration like champagne. Click on the link to get 10 delicious champagne cocktail recipes.

13 Champagne Jello Shots

Jello shots are a great way to stretch a meagre champagne budget and the pop rocks add to the festive fun.

14 Yummy Party Punches

Punches are a great way to feed a crowd.


15 Glow Bracelets!

You know how there's always someone at the party who hasn't made the effort? Force them into the spirit! ^_^ And if you don't want glow sticks, get something else - deeley boppers, masks, funny hats...

16 Fortune Cookies

Dot the house with fun things to do that are New Year related.

17 New Year's Eve Photo Booth

Make some special holiday mementoes.

18 Resolution Photo Booth

Or make sure your friends, family and guests are committed to their New Year's Resolutions (this will come back to haunt them!).

19 New Year's Eve Party Games

A few games will make the party go with a swing.


20 Set the Clocks to Chime

Set the alarm on every clock in the house to go off at midnight. You could ask your party to synchronize their cell phone alarms too (synchronize being the operative word!).

21 DIY Countdown

Make your own unique way of doing the countdown to midnight.


22 See the Fireworks in Sydney

Australia is one of the first countries to welcome the New Year and they always do it in style with a mega firework display in Sydney Harbor.

23 Hear the Big Ben Chimes in London

The UK tunes into the TV, radio or internet to hear Big Ben ring in the New Year.

24 See the Ball Drop in Times Square, New York

The US almost is the last country to see the New Year. It kicks off in Samoa/Kiribati and Christmas Island and ends in American Samoa and the Midway Islands.

25 Sparklers

Have your own mini firework display.

26 Party Poppers

Source: Craftaholics Anonymous® | Easy Party ...
Buy them in or make your own to go with any decor theme you've chosen.

27 Party Horns

Source: New Year Traditions-A Day of ...
Blow them loud! (Again, if you want to make your own, you'll find plenty of tutorials online.)

28 Confetti Balloon

Pop it at midnight.

29 Balloon Drop

Shower everybody with balloons.


30 Auld Lang Syne

Source: New Year's Eve Free Printable ...
Just in case people need reminding of the lyrics, print out some sheets.

31 Midnight Kisses!

No one gets left out if you have a big bowl of chocolate kisses on hand.

32 Someone to Share It with

If this is you - count your blessings and tell your significant other how much they mean to you. If it isn't ...

33 Wishing Wand

Wave it and hope for Prince/Princess Charming to enter your life this year.

34 And above All Remember ...

How far away from being ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve in real style are you?

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