It's Time to Celebrate a Festivus for the Rest of Us ...


Stalkers, it is December 23 – Happy Festivus! As the holiday season becomes more and more commercialized, Festivus is becoming the festival choice for a growing number of folks.

Though popularized on β€œSeinfeld” back in the '90s, Daniel O'Keefe is the man we have to thank for the holiday. The author and editor's family celebrated it, and the result resonated so much that his son, writer Dan O'Keefe, later centered an entire episode of β€œSeinfeld” around it, introducing the holiday for the rest of us.

Festivus isn't hard to celebrate. Whether you gather with the family you were given, the family you've chosen, or an awesome mix of both, you just have to follow a few core rules. Frank Costanza's explanation is as good as any:

See? The great Airing of Grievances and impressive Feats of Strength. Duke it out over dinner. Think of it as the opposite of Thanksgiving. Even if you celebrate another holiday, whether it's Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, you can still have Festivus festivities. Any excuse to see your friends and family is a good one, right?

Besides, you also get to put up an aluminum pole. Have you embraced Festivus yet? Who's coming to dinner?

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i had totally forgotten about this but now i fully intend to celebrate it next year ^^

Haha awesome!

Love it...always send out festivas cards to my fellow Seinfeld lovers :)

Me and my family love Seinfeld! Anytime we all get together it's Seinfeld quoting the whole time! Every Christmas we love talking about Festivas lol !!

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