Firsts We Never Grow Tired of ...

By Neecey

Firsts We Never Grow Tired of ...

There are very special first times that are never to be repeated but there are also some that you can look forward to regularly, occasionally, or at least a few times in your life - hopefully. It might seem a bit of a misnomer to say there are repetitive firsts but you'll see exactly what I mean when you read on.

1 Cracking Open the First Page of a New Book

2 Making the First Tick on Today’s to-do List

3 Seeing the First Buds of Spring

4 Relishing the First Stretch in the Morning

5 Treading the First Footprints on a Deserted Beach

6 Savoring the First Bite of an Apple

7 Waking to the First Kiss of the Morning

8 Breaking the Smooth Surface on a New Jar of Peanut Butter

9 Your Child’s First Anything

10 Writing a New Entry in Your Journal

11 Slipping into Bed Made with Freshly Laundered Linen

12 First Time Stepping out in New Shoes

13 Your First Attempt at Styling Your New Haircut

14 Relishing the First Oreo in a New Packet

15 Unwrapping the First Christmas Present Every Year

16 First Kiss with a New Beau

17 Being the First to Make Footprints in the Snow

18 The First Night in Your Own Bed after a Long Trip

19 The First Hug when You Go Home for the Holidays

20 Watching the First Episode of a New Series of Your Favorite TV Show

I'd love to hear what firsts you look forward to. Please share!

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