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There are often tales going around of people spending living under the strangest conditions. Some of the following true stories, however, might just take the cake in terms of showing just how weird certain situations can really become.

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In a Mall for 4 Years

A team of artists managed to pull off one of the greatest cons in Rhode Island history when they sneaked some building materials into a local shopping mall and managed to build their own studio apartment in which they lived for 4 years before being discovered. The group later claimed the reason for this stunt had to do with understanding the artistic aspects of life in a shopping mall.


Hiding in the Closet

58 year-old Tatsuka Horikawa took a chance one day when she noticed the door of a residence in Fukuoka left open by mistake. She sneaked into the residence and, for the next year, practically lived in the small enclosed area, taking showers when the owner wasn't home and sneaking into the kitchen to get food.


The Lost Cambodian Girl

Beating the odds as one of the most amazing stories about strange living conditions is the tale of a little Cambodian girl who was lost in the jungle at the age of 8 and was found 11 years later. Apparently, she survived all that time in the wild by herself and was unable to fully reintegrate into society.


Just Room Enough

Conveniently named “Just Room Enough”, a tiny house, built on a tiny island on the St Lawrence River, was bought by a family in the 1950s who hoped they could escape the stress of city life by living in a home surrounded only by water, with not even a patch of soil in sight. As irony has it, the house quickly became a tourist magnet.


Just Room Enough is a tiny house located on a tiny island in the St Lawrence River, and was bought by a family in the 1950s. Despite their intentions of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, the house quickly became a tourist attraction. The island is only large enough for the house and a small dock, and there is no soil or vegetation to be seen. The house is one of the most unique living spaces in the world, with its picturesque views of the river and the surrounding landscape. It is an ideal destination for those wanting to experience an unusual and peaceful way of life.


The Ex-Girlfriend's Attic

Probably one of the creepiest tales of unusual living conditions was that of a man in South Carolina who lived in his ex-girlfriend's attic for about 2 weeks after his release from prison. The woman's sons found him sleeping in an old heating unit filled with coats, and there were signs that he hadn't left the attic at all for weeks. The woman was unaware that he had even been released.


The man in South Carolina had been released from prison two weeks prior to being discovered in his ex-girlfriend's attic. He had been living there without her knowledge, and had not left the attic during that time. The woman's sons found him sleeping in an old heating unit filled with coats, which suggested he had been living there for some time. The woman was shocked and surprised to find out that her ex-boyfriend had been living in her attic. This is just one of the many unusual living conditions that people around the world find themselves in. From living in cramped spaces to living in abandoned buildings, people find creative and sometimes dangerous ways to make a home.


Living with the Dead

One of the craziest stories about strange living conditions saw 72 year-old Linda Chase living with her dead roommate for more than 18 months in her Michigan home. Although she was later accused of fraud for continuing to cash in his checks after he passed away, Linda confessed that the only reason why she did it was that she felt lonely and her roommate, whom she had lived with for more than 10 years, was the sole person who ever really cared about her. Isn't this absolutely heartbreaking?


Linda Chase's story is a tragic illustration of how loneliness can lead to desperate measures. After her roommate passed away, Linda continued to cash his checks for 18 months, despite being aware that it was illegal. This was not done for financial gain, but rather out of a need for companionship. This case highlights the importance of surrounding oneself with a support system and the dangers of feeling isolated. It serves as a reminder of the power of human connection and the need to reach out for help when necessary.


The Zombie-Proof House

A house in Poland named the “Safety House” is one of the strangest homes you can think of. While appearing to be a normal modern-day home in the day time, it becomes a zombie-proof fortress at night, with walls closing over the windows and no chance of anyone or anything getting in or out without the express permission of the owner.

Which of the stories on this list did you enjoy the most? Do you know of any other tales of people living in unusual places or conditions?


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I remember a street somewhere like Clapham in London some years ago,immigrants were discovered to be living in attics of all the houses.They had a whole network of the attics connected into one big living hideyhole.

Anne Frank and her family living in the annex is another interesting living condition。

I'm scared that someone is living in my closet now haha

Really interesting!

You never how strange someone's life story can really be❗️❗️❗️

You should have posted pics, I kept having to google everything to get a visual

Last one ❤️

Insane and interesting


#6 is not cute..

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